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I did not think about to fuck her in the ass.
But that day, I had to think.
And at that moment, I was extremely happy about it.
Returning with grease, I saw that the teacher was already riding astride a friend of mine.
Kohl kept her by the waist, and moved her to a meeting, each time driving her into her penis.

Tatyana Viktorovna was lying on Kolya, clinging to her with her tits.
Hearing that I was back, she asked him to stop, and I had to do the manipulations with the lubricant: – Antosh, lubricate me from behind well.
I squeezed enough grease on my palm, and came close to them.
Tatyana Viktorovna otdyryla ass, and I could clearly see how Colin member got stuck in her pussy.
Slightly higher, gaped chocolate eye.
It was this hole that had to be lubricated.
With one hand, I ottyanul her buttock to the other just to get where it should.
Thinking that this would be enough, I pressed my thumb on the edge of the funnel, and he easily got inside.
I made a few finger movements, pounding the gel in the ass.

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Most of the grease hit it in the eye, and the smaller glass on Colin’s cock.
Now, it seems, everything was ready.
– Kolya, wait a bit more.
Antosh, – the teacher turned her face to me, and smiled invitingly, winked at me, – paste in already, and let’s start.
That’s what I wanted to do.
Having settled over them, I threw one leg on the sofa, and left the other one supporting on the floor.
He grabbed his penis with his hand, and rested his head in her greased hole.
Pushing on her, I easily penetrated her ass.
As soon as I did this, I heard Tatiana Viktorovna’s contented, approving moan.
I was surprised.
I did not think it would be so easy.
Apparently, someone has already well developed her ass to us.
What was already not so amazing.
I do not know what she did in the bathroom, but now I immediately managed to get into it almost by half.
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