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Of course, I had to bet.
In front of my classmates, I was forced to lay out an oilcloth, a towel, and go to bed without panties and with a smoked bathrobe in the pose “visiting an enema.”
One thing pleases me so far – I did not see their faces when mom with her usual wails inserted and inserted a pear into me.
After this incident, I unexpectedly became a popular person in the class – classmates always came to visit me after classes, and, of course, waited for an enema session.
Today I understand that in the early eighties, my classmates simply had no other source of erotic impressions, but then I preferred not to wonder why the boys are so willing to be friends with me.

For 17 years, t.
to the graduating class, my intestines resigned to the need for double emptying.

One day early in the morning I drove over to my mother’s business.
I had planned a lot of classes for this day, and therefore I decided to look to her before work, so as not to waste time in the evening.
Having dealt with the affairs, I was about to leave.

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But the mother, dressing for work, began to complain to me about my younger brother, an eighteen-year-old student, who, according to her, constantly lazed around and skipped lectures.
– You would talk to him, Denis! And then my strength is no longer.
He is now lying in bed at his place, not going anywhere.
Sick, says.
Well, I know that every day he has diseases, lectures are canceled.
You talk, huh? All right, bye.
I’m late already.
With these words, Mom ran out the door and ran to the elevator.
The difference in age with my brother, we had a big – eight years.
And so my mother often shifted the responsibility for his upbringing on me.
But, to be honest, I’m already tired of all this.
Eighteen years already, how much can you bring up !.
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