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I exploded with an orgasm, and for a moment I was carried away somewhere, probably lost consciousness.
Then, when I came to my senses, Victor threw my legs over his shoulders, and, having previously lubricated my anus, entered me, gently and gently, there was no pain, it was pleasant, and then it became hot and good.
I shouted again, unable to restrain myself, and Victor moved with a clearly defined rhythm, massaging my prostate – the whole evening was for me, and I felt it.
“My boy,” whispered Victor, and for that I was ready to do for him whatever he wanted.
– I love you, Victor! – I groaned, and finished at the same time as him.
His heavy body fell on me, hot breath scorched my cheek, and inside I was hot as in a firebox.
“You’re so sweet, my boy.”
– Victor kissed me on the lips.
He stayed that night with me, and I slept beside him, buried in his broad shoulder, feeling his hand on his thigh, even in a dream, he showed his full power over me.
In the morning, I woke up, not believing that a loved one was lying next to me, and opened my eyes, with excitement in my heart, but the vision did not disappear.
Next to me lay Victor, real and big as a bear.
He lay on his back, peacefully snuffled in his sleep and smiled at something, so gently and tenderly, that I could not resist and kissed him on the cheek, and in response he smiled even more, and his smile was childishly touching and tender.
I took his hand in the palm of my hand and kissed my long, well-groomed nails with my fingers.

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– Are you awake already, my sweet? he asked me, in a voice that was a little hoarse after sleep, and turned to me.
I looked into his smiling face, and my heart beat so hard and with such joy that I could not even breathe.
All I could do was to dive under the covers and take up the morning erection of my beloved man.
And he accepted my caresses with gratitude and I did not feel any malice or superiority in him that morning.
For several days I was in a good mood, dreaming only about one thing, about a new meeting with Victor.
And she was not long in coming.
Victor came on Thursday, and was again gentle and affectionate with me, but I surrendered to my deity with all my sincere love.
A month passed, and we could no longer live without each other, sometimes Victor called me into the office, and we caressed each other to insanity, to insanity, barely waiting for us to come to me and surrender to each other completely.
In the evenings, when we didn’t meet with me, we went to the gym and there were pushing iron together, pumping up already strong bodies.
I watched Victor’s movements, and he saw it, he liked how I looked at him, how I licked my dry lips.
How I loved him, the words it was not to convey.
In the mornings we ran around the park, and I saw what views the girls saw off us, Victor was pleased with their attention, and I remained indifferent to the weaker sex.
I didn’t want to think about Christine, I was

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not bothered much about Victor’s personal life, although sometimes I came up with jealousy, when my beloved didn’t come too long, but I didn’t dare to show my displeasure, and I remembered the lesson I got in the first weeks of dating. for a long time.
Victor did not dissolve his hands anymore, he was gentle and helpful, for which I was grateful to him and fell into love deeper and deeper.
Once Victor came in a strong drunk, ordered me to pour vodka on him and give him a blowjob, then he fell on the bed and fell asleep.
I sat next to him and decided to postpone the execution of the order. Hot indian sex live.

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