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they will have to try! And if they themselves can not, then we will help them! True? – I answered her.
– yes, – she happily agreed, and asked: “and who will be the first?” – I do not know.
There will be seen.
In the end, let them decide! – I answered her, inwardly hoping that Vika would be the first.
We left the bathroom, kissed conspirators, dried off, and returned to the living room.
Men were not there.
We found them on the balcony, where they gave birth to their mother, they smoked and discussed something among themselves.
When our wives appeared, Igor and I smoked and discussed the events of the previous night.
Conversation of both of us excited, and I saw that his member (as well as mine was tensed).
I do not remember which of us raised the topic of a sandwich, but it just sounded just moments before they appeared.
Therefore, as soon as they were practically in chorus, they asked hoarsely: “What can our men offer us?” , Igor and I got up and pushing them in the back towards the living room, just hoarsely answered them: “Two men at once!”.
The girls turned pale, then turned red and pushed us without a murmur into the living room to the couch.
Igor and I looked at each other and, without saying a word, looked at Irina.

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– Why am I the first? – she asked reddening.
Tanya internally gathered as a stayer before the finishing jerk, the finger of her right palm slipped into her husband’s anus, not encountering much resistance in his path – Oleg barely noticeably started, but the penetration was customary and expected.
Therefore, he only tried to stretch his wife

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into the smacking mouth even more, but she also habitually kept the pressure of the head already beginning to noticeably pulsate the head of his weapon, ready for the final chord, and continued her crazy suction with ever-increasing speed.
And at that moment, when her thin fingers, caressing the male scrotum, scratched the void, the spouse instantly pulled the finger out of her husband’s anus.
“Your mother:” he almost cried out, standing on tiptoe as high as possible and biting his lips into the blood.
Thick, sperm shots poured into the overworked female mouth, the magic tongue almost stopped in place, as if fearing to inadvertently hurt the orgasmic Oleg.
A warm wave covered the woman with her head, she convulsively squeezed the legs together, tight, to a slight pain in her knees, her thin fingers froze on his scrotum as if she had jumped up and her crotch huddled up.
Male fingers, meanwhile, carefully laid down on the still straining trunk of the discharging penis and with gentle movements they began to produce a noticeably softer tool.
The remnants of the ejaculate sprinkled the sweet depth of the female mouth, Tanya unhurriedly opened her wet lips, tired from the intense blowjob, and Oleg gently, visibly trembling from the touches of the female lips to her suddenly suddenly sensitive head, which had already fired, and pulled out one gun, pulled it out, disease, blown away before your eyes, out. Hidden camera nude women.

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