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Sylvia trembled even more and yielding to the call of the flesh spread her legs.
– Name the most intimate.
Tell me.
– Elaty! – Sylvia burst out of her chest with a groan.
“Ah, samnit,” laughed Julia.
– The thoughts of all the women of Rome are occupied with it.
Oh yeah! He is good not only in the arena.
And he also generously sheds his seed, like the blood of enemies.
– Have you been with him? – breathed out Sylvia.
– Of course I was.
Would I resist such a temptation? – And husband? – What is husband? Hm
He does not necessarily know.
Maybe it guesses.
Well, so what? Wouldn’t he seriously jealous

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of me for a slave? – And if my found out.
I don’t think he would take it easy.
– You can arrange everything so that he will not know, – smiled Julia.
Her fingers still gently caressed the clitoris, penetrated a wet crack.
– Ah.
Do you really want to help me? – Why not? – Julia imperceptibly signaled one of the slaves.
The girl went to the chest, standing in the corner, opened it and pulled out an artificial phallus – a bar long in two palms, covered with soft elastic skin of special manufacture.
Approaching the hostess, she put the tool in her hand.
“You can get Elatia, madam, and you don’t even have to include him in the escort, so as not to arouse any suspicion in your husband,” Julia licked the rounded tip of the phallus.

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– I’ll arrange everything.
She touched the sexual sponge with a tool for the guest.
Sylvia flinched from pleasure.
Julia introduced the phallus inside.
The tool pushed apart the rollers of the lips, penetrated the vagina.
The lanistas’ wife began to twist it a little bit to and fro and move it back and forth.
Sylvia, holding back a cry, groaned.
Sweet torture lasted a couple of minutes.
The phallus was a quarter wet and shiny with vaginal juice.
– Well, madam, do you agree? Are you ready to trust me? Imagine how the hands of Elatia slide over your breasts, imagine how his lips try your lips, your neck, your nipples.
– Yes, yes, oooh.
The phallus began to move a little faster.
– But there is one condition.
My husband, my beloved Vetuvius, wants to become a member of the Trade Guild.
Or rather her Presiding Officer.
For him it is very important.
He does not really sleep and does not eat.
Voting will take place soon.
Your husband could put in a word for him.
He is an influential person.
Will you talk to your husband? – I dont know.
How will he react to this? – Member Elatia, so big, so powerful pierces your pussy, mistress.
It’s wet and hot there, it moves faster and faster in you.
With husband, mrs.
Talk to him.
– Yes! Oh yeah! The phallus moved even faster and a little sharper.
Brilliant moisture covered him up to half.
Sylvia flew from the vagina so abundantly that it began to drip onto the floor, trickles trickling down her thighs.
Julia’s hand holding the instrument, too, was completely covered with warm, sticky nectar.
– Promise, madam? One good turn deserves another.
Let’s help each other, we are now friends.
Phallus stuck into the vagina with a loud champ.
Sylvia is not able to hold back anymore – cried out.
Only the last, by some incredible effort of will, she did not allow herself to fall for a real cry – loud and shrill.
– Elaty is close. Hidden camera cheating sex.

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