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This is a very big secret! – asked a friend.
The shouts of the sailors and the flares of rockets were increasingly moving away from Dolsky, sailing in the night away from his ship.
“They won’t find it now,” he thought, once again turning around and seeing that the search boats were far away from him.
He was floating in the dark on black waves, and he was getting scared.
It was not as easy to drown as he imagined.
He is not a stone, just to fall to the bottom and lie down.
Misha tried to dive, but he reflexively floated up to the surface.
He swam very well, and now it played a cruel joke with him – he easily coped with small waves and did not seem to be drowning at all.
“Fuck, I’m generally pinned here — to drown or to swim?” – He joked himself.
And laughed.
“No, well, you admire! I’m just a sample of a loser! Look and learn, you miserable lovers! I wanted to drown myself, and that does not work!” Suddenly, a lynical tantrum began right in the water – a nervous tension affected.
He laughed so much that he almost choked.
Perhaps it was the only time when he was close to death.
With difficulty, Dolsky calmed down and thought: “But in general, what for should I drown? All this floating brothel is behind.
Everyone thinks I’m dead.
I can say that I washed away my shame with blood.
But, if I hold out until the morning, they can pick me up.
And I don’t even have to give my real name.
And in general.
here the shore is not too far! Just a few miles away.
God knows, or maybe swim. “

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Suddenly Dolsky was terrible, he wanted to live to the pain in his heart! He looked back at the receding “Amphitride”, according to its course, figured out which side the coast was, and swam.
He bravely struggled with the waves, which, fortunately, were getting smaller, and with his own fatigue.
When stuck in the east, it became easier to navigate and keep the direction.
By dawn, the storm had completely stopped.
But Michael did not have time to swim to shore.
By noon, he was picked up by a small fishing vessel from Florida.
Some kind of internal stress did not let go, and Ivan could not understand the reasons for this.
What actually happened? Nothing special! But why did this dull pain gnaw at him from the inside? And, by the way, why did he not want to participate in this orgy? He was there.
He watched.
But did not participate.
He looked and could not understand how he feels.
Ivan wanted to find a reason to stop it, and could not.
Sailors had the right to midshipman no less than he himself.
This is just a whore.
And if he gave Shestakov, then why shouldn’t he give it to the others? An ordinary whore, ready to satisfy anyone.
The only way he treated him.
Is not it so? When he had male whores in a brothel, did he wonder if others had them? Never! So what’s wrong? Ivan again and again scrolled everything he saw in his head.
He did not participate.
He just watched.
I watched without stopping.
As if I would like to remember.
Remember every groan, every move.
So that we can think about how he, in fact, relates to this.
Because at that moment he could not understand this.
He did not sleep all night.

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It hurt.
But why – that was a secret to him.
In the middle of the night, he suddenly felt a greedy desire to talk to the midshipman.
Just talk.
Do not laugh at him, but listen to what he says, what he thinks.
He got up, quietly snuck into the officer compartment, found Dolsky’s hammock, and bent over sleeping Misha.
“Hey, midshipman,” he called out in a quiet whisper, and lightly blew into his face.
But Dolsky slept.
He slept in a deep sleep, which is not surprising, given that he happened to survive this evening. Hidden cam solo masturbation.

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