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At that moment I felt Sergey’s hand lay on my chest, slid down my stomach and reaching to my groin in surprise squeezed a wet nightie: – Do you want? – he asked me – very !!! – what is he? – I do not know, does not react! – caress him stronger! I slid my hand across Volodya’s belly down to the hem of my underpants and immediately felt like Sergei’s hand lifted my nightie and my fingers touched the lips of her vagina.
my legs involuntarily bent at the knees and parted, the left knee lay on Vladimir.
I stopped in fear.
but my hand lived its life and slipped under the elastic of Volodya’s underpants, my fingers touched the hair on his pubic hair.
And at the same moment he abruptly raised himself “like in a dream” and turned over on his stomach.
In fright, I pulled up my hand and hugged Sergei.
We both froze.
Irina, clinging to me, trembled.
from arousal, from fear.
My fingers were pinched between her thighs.
I moved them and she whispered: – he is not sleeping.
– and? – I’m afraid – try again! In silence, I heard her palm slipping on the sheet under the friend’s stomach and immediately saw his butt start, and he pressed his hips against the sofa.
– does not work! He does not give me – Irina whispered to me, but I could not bear it any longer, jerked her over on her back, literally ripped off her shirt, in the silence of the night it seemed very noisy.
As soon as Sergey tore off his shirt and threw me to the floor, I covered my chest with my hands in a fright, but he pulled my legs apart with force, so the left one no longer just touched his friend, but simply pressed herself against him.

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I saw that Sergei threw off his pants and from all over the maha fell on me, his member did not just enter me.
He failed completely, so much so that I was excited and blurred.
With a kiss he shut my mouth and began to fuck me.
I knew that it was not making love, it was sex, that he had never been with me like that.
And his bestial onslaught excited me even more, nothing in me was anymore from that modest girl in public, I was also given to him in the animal, I didn’t care that a foreign man was lying next to me.
No, I didn’t care, I wanted what he would hear, see how my husband was watching me, I did not hesitate to howl and grabbed my hands: the right one in the sheet, and the left one in Volodya’s underpants.
at that moment I began to cum.
loudly, violently.
And then she felt like Sergey had finished in me.
but he did not stop and continued forward movements.
Suddenly, I finished again and was surprised to feel that he was once again discharged into me.
There was so much sperm that it smacked and flowed down.
Unexpectedly, finishing the second time.
I stopped exhaustedly, and then fell off my wife.
She lay on her side and turned to me, all wet with sweat and softly whispered: – he is not sleeping.
– so what? In fact, I didn’t care at that moment.
Suddenly calmness rolled, and I gently fell asleep.
Not long lying on the shoulder of her husband, I heard his even breathing, I realized that he was sleeping.
My excitement subsided, but did not want to sleep.
I tried to understand what Vova was doing, but he lay quiet, I did not even hear his breath.
Suddenly, I felt frozen.
a little after lying down, I got up and as I was naked I went to the chair where my dressing gown lay, threw it over and went into the shower.
There was no one in my soul, and

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I, standing under the water jets, washed off my sweat, sperm flowed out of my legs from the vagina, but I stood and did not move.
For some reason, I remembered how, a year before the wedding, I parted with my friend Victor, who was courting me for a long time, and I could not choose between him and Sergey. Free nude cam shows.

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