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The hall seemed to the boy a football field, not green, but marble-pink.
On one side stood happy and lively parents, on the other – concentrated and collected students.
Young ladies in lush dresses tried to hold back the excitement, but burning eyes betrayed: I like it! The boys in strict suits tried to hold on independently, but this was not very successful – many were blushing on their cheeks.
The last welcome speeches of the directorate, teachers and sponsors have just been heard.
The official atmosphere has not yet dissipated, and the small orchestra has already struck something cheerful and lively.
What was this dance, Sasha did not understand, but a very familiar melody.
Pushkin was the first to notice Sasha, looking derisively at this whole mess in his honor – a large portrait was hanging in the gap between the windows covered with crimson curtains.
A whisper ran through the hall — surprise, curiosity, followed by admiring girlish ahas and hoarse coughing of boys.
Not Denis, and his girlfriend chained to her attention.
Sasha went forward, as if floating through the air, without touching the carpet.
Her head was proudly raised; On lips, barely

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touched by lipstick, lurked a modest smile, worthy of Gioconda.
Though the ears were barely visible under the light curls, droplets of earrings sparkled on them (these were clips.
Denis first became frightened when he saw them, but Sashka reassured him – he’s not an idiot to poke a needle into a living ear.
) The headmistress raised an eyebrow, having spotted the belated, called one of the high school students and he ran to the orchestra.
Cheerful music was replaced by a soft, quivering waltz.
– And now Denis Stroyev and his charming girlfriend will open our ball! said the headmistress into the microphone in a sugar voice.
Will know how to be late! Deniska started.
His nerves and so were on the limit under the onslaught of dozens of eyes, and here they are also forced to dance! Here is the horror.

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Another second, and he would surely have gone to the door.
But Sasha sensitively caught the mood of a friend and came to the rescue.
“One, two, three,” she whispered, barely audible, crouching in a deep curtsy.
There was nothing left for Denis – he bowed his head, snapped his heels, took the “girl” around the waist, and left his left slightly to the side – Sasha put her palm into it.
It seems that it was a Viennese waltz, but Denis did not understand these subtleties.
And besides, other music sounded in his head – one, two, three.
one two Three.
“A look at the shoes – do not step, do not stumble.
In vain he was worried – Sasha did an excellent job herself, taking control of her partner, even though it seemed to him that he was leading.
“And where I learned only,” thought Denis, interspersed with the score.
– Well Sasha.
Dancer, damn it.
And he was silent! “The pair went in a circle smoothly, gently, gradually speeding up the pace, getting to the taste and getting used to the pace.
Few people from the Denisky class could remember the chatter about the loose transicking that came to the Lyceum a few days ago.
And besides, it was incredible to associate these tales with a stunning beauty girl, so easily and deftly whirling now in a waltz.
Of course, there were those who remembered – but Denis chose not to think about them, but simply forgot! The head filled with fog, the faces of the audience merged into shapeless spots.
Only Sasha, only she is alone, only her mocking gray eyes – and the music is magical, fascinating! When the last chords sounded, Denis could not even immediately stop, made a few steps by inertia.
There was silence in the hall, which hit the ears with a taut wave.
Sasha and Denis bowed to both sides – to parents and lyceum students, froze, smiling uncertainly.
And only here silence exploded with applause! Denis almost went deaf, but did not expect anything like that at all! Well, pat politely, on that end.
But the applause rattled, forcing the crystal pendants on the chandelier to ring, forcing heavy curtains on the windows to flap.
From embarrassment and Sashka was also ready to fall through the parquet.
– Attention! – waiting for the claps to subside slightly, the headmistress said loudly and solemnly into the microphone.
– Lord lyceum students! Dear parents! I believe that I will express a general opinion, if the Queen of the Ball we choose this charming girl! We were going to hold the award at the end, but really, would there be any objections? Nobody argued.
Surely the girls were jealous, but even high school students understood – only this unfamiliar girl deserves this honor. Free live sex chat tube.

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