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He led the cow to the bowl.
Irina groaned.
She understood everything.
She began to lap up her milk.
Like a dog that was given milk.

Irina flowed.
When she finished, Alex led the women into the next room.
I set Irina on a chair and fixed it.
Between the legs tied a vibrator.
Irina groaned.
Alex tied Olga to the cross.
– Look, the cow, as they flog your Mistress – Alex smiled.
Irina moaned.
Olga became flogged.
She did not have a gag, but the woman did not scream loudly.
Irina flowed.
How nice to see this.
Olga, her friend, her mistress flogged.
Irina covered orgasm.
She moaned.
But the vibrator continued to work.
The woman was hurt.
But Alex was busy with something else.
Olga survived 30 hits.
Alex freed the woman.
Olga was crying.
Her ass has become even redder.
Alex took the woman by the arms and pulled him towards Irina.
Removed a vibrator between her legs.
– Come on, make your cow nice.
Olga nestled between the legs of Irina.
The cow moaned.
How long has she dreamed of feeling Olga there.
And her friend orally makes her nice.

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A little more and Irina covered another orgasm.
Alex pulled Olga by the hair.
– In the middle of the room back up – he commanded.
– Yes, Boss – Olga obeyed.
Alex freed Irina.
Brought for her a rubber member on the belts.
– Put on.
Olga moaned plaintively.
Irina wore a member.
Stood behind Olga.
Slowly entered her vagina.
A friend moaned.
Irina flowed.
How much humiliation was experienced by her friend today.
She drank her milk, caressed orally, and now Irina was taking her from behind.
Alex left the room for a moment.
– Are you satisfied? – Olga asked evil.
– Yes – Irina did not stop moving – You can punish me for this evening, as you want.
– Believe me, I will punish – Olga was angry.
Irina moaned.
Tomorrow she will be Olga’s toy again.
But today, a friend was her toy.
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