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Suddenly she felt a pinch in her armpit.
She would have screamed had it not been for the mask on her face.
Pinch repeated even stronger.
But all she could do was

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scream a little.
Apparently making sure that their victim is not dangerous the creature began to tweak it more intensely.
Marina twisted as she could and squealed squeezed, but when she felt a pinch behind her ass, she involuntarily squeezed her abdominal muscles and two small streams of water spilled out of her pussy and ass.
Then it all started! The creature apparently deciding that the female “whale” is exactly what she wants, began to actively pinch her, and one creature even stuck between the fingers of her right hand.
Marina tried to throw her moving her fingers, for which she was punished.
Distracted by the hand, she stopped paying attention to her chaps and others took advantage of it! The feeling of a light tingling of the hand disappeared immediately, after one creature dug into the tender lower lips, then another.
They wriggled, trying to tear them off, but due to their small size they could only be delayed to the side.
Four more joined, stretching them one way or the other.

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From such a marina that there was urine screeching, as far as the mask allowed, but it was necessary to swallow plenty of saliva.
Armpits sucked 5 more beasts under each hand, sucking up a favorite treat.
Inadvertently, Marisha released a little more liquid, which was immediately sucked in by the leech snakes floating nearby.
Finally, one of the creatures, having determined the source of the treat, quickly buried itself in the entrance to the vagina.
Marisha scrambled losing control of herself, she felt as if they were tweaking in all intimate places and touching the secret entrance to her inside.
The creature squirmed hard, trying to crawl deeper, but Marina squeezed the muscles with all her strength, not letting the foreign body into itself.
However, the leech did not give up and that’s when one of the creatures stuck to the delicate nipple bud, for a second the muscles relaxed and the slippery body, the thickness of the neck of a bottle of vodka, slipped into Marina’s vagina.
Sparks from the eyes of the feeling of penetration and heavy traffic inside.
A cramp brought the body together when one creature stuck to the clitoris.
Marina tensed trying to push the creature out of herself, but made another mistake.
Muscles relaxed and at that moment creatures began to penetrate into it.
They wriggled, penetrating into a narrow passage, stretching it with their bodies.
In the ass slipped one thing, then another, then just three tried to climb, but at this time the vagina was completely filled.
The abdomen pouted strongly, five, constantly wriggling tails sticking out of the pussy, seven from the ass and they managed to crawl and crawl. Free lesbian cam shows.

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