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Sometimes exhibited male and mixed teams that are popular with the female audience.
In this case, leading along with the rod and widely uses the dildo.
The role of this device and the order of milking the peasants Huiliver in their notes does not set out, leaving an open space for the reader’s imagination.
(Survival of the TV program from the rating)
They lived a man and a woman, they had a fool son.
He decided how to marry and even sleep with his wife.
Now and then pesters his father: – Marry me, father! Father and says to him: – Wait, son, it’s too early to marry you, s.
Yours is still not up to an ass when it reaches up to an ass, at that time you and I will be married.
That son grabbed his hands for x.
th, pulled him as tightly as possible, looked – and certainly the truth, lacks a bit to ass.
“Yes,” he says, “and it’s too early to marry me, s.”
and my little one, not enough ass! We must wait a year, another.
Time goes by and yes, and only the work that pulls x is a fool.
And he did achieve it, became x.
ry to get it not only to the ass – and through lack.
– It will not be a shame to sleep with my wife, I will satisfy her myself, I will not let them into strangers! The father thought to himself: – What can I expect from a fool sense? Said to him: – Well, son, when x.
you have grown so big that you have enough in your ass, then there is nothing to marry you for: live a bachelor.
Sit at home, but to your x.
and yourself in the ass.
So the matter is over.
– Luke.
At the same time they argued among themselves pi.
Yes, and Jo-pa, and such a noise was raised, that the saints endure! Pi
yes they say ass: – You would be a scoundrel, it was better silent! You know that a good guest comes to me every night, and at that time you only get and smoke.

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– Oh, you mean piz.
south! – Says her ass.
– When you e.
ut, for me drooling flow – I’m not talking! All this was long ago, at a time when the knives were not known, x.
I eat beef chopped.
Somehow it just happened that since my deep childhood I have communicated mostly with girls, played their games, had fun.
The idea that nature did me good by the wrong sex came a long time ago, of course, at the level of sensations.
I first thought about it seriously when I was in the sixth grade of school.
My older brother and I made an amazing discovery – we found a video cassette with porn in the parent closet! Wow What was there! The tearing of the pattern, the bashful blush against the background of feverishly brilliant eyes! We looked, naturally, with our legs abandoned one on another.
Parents worked in the first shift, brother entered the college.
I often stayed at home alone, from school I came at most – at one o’clock.
The cassette was quickly learned by heart, favorite actresses appeared, poses.
underwear, to my surprise.
I remember for the first time inspecting the laundry to my mother in the closet, I climbed with an as yet unformed understanding of why to do this.
With a gentle touch, I ran my finger over the panties, stroking bras and pantyhose.
Wanking on the whole thing fervently.
Once, undressed.
With shaking hands, he grabbed the pantyhose, clumsily putting his legs into the black skin of nylon.
The feeling of warmth is not forgotten until now.
The next step was the laundry.
Already another time, I chose a set of white linen, dressed.
I found tights and a short skirt, chose a blouse.
From the mirror, a puny, handsome boy with eyes glittering with lust glanced

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at me.
To remove the boy, still not understanding anything, my fingers touched cosmetics.
Masturbating more on myself in women’s clothes, I looked at the TV screen, where the actor has already begun to undress his partner.
When she enjoyed cunnilingus, I licked my dry lips suddenly.
My mind pierced with a lightning thought – I want to be in its place !! It has been a couple of years.
My disguises went farther, the movement of cosmetic brushes became confident, and my dreams – bold.
Now I knew that I wanted to try sex with a guy.
But everlasting problems, such as me – with whom ?.
We were introduced to Maxim by mutual friends.
He is a year older, he has already tried about a dozen girls and was, as they say, a guru for us.
We quickly became friends.
Fortunately, the interests of the general is full: music, lifestyle, age, but more – music. Ebony mature live sex.

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