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Wacky darkness! – some shit; some other owl, – Sasha said out loud quietly.
– And where is the world peace? In the center of the city, Sasha met girls dressed entirely in short-fitting jackets, incredibly tight leggings of the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812, and some also in boots; Recalling foot patrols of brave dragoons or hussars.
Apparently, while he was visiting and dozing, the carnival or festival of the meeting of the new academic year began.
In the absence of Sasha, a whole train of Georgians arrived at the market, they stood and sat everywhere, and every now and then brought boxes and sacks.
From somewhere heard rollicking songs, for some reason, everything in English.
“On the radio curriculum included,” Sasha guessed.
Nina Afanasyevna moved into the very corner, probably, she was about to leave.
With a drawn face, she sat sadly, not behind the counter, but near, on the drawer.
She transferred vegetables from the counter to a newspaper spread directly on the floor.
– Mom, I’m back! – Sasha exclaimed, adjusting the curl.
Nina Afanasyevna lifted her head and looked at Sasha with some sympathy and even pity.
“Bukhaya,” the greenswoman sitting next to her in a torn jacket said in a low voice, looking away.
– Where did you come from? – Nina Afanasyevna folded her arms on the hem.
– Yes you you sent a cabbage to inform me the granny, and she, it appears, lives in Pervomaisk the area!
The neighbor started and whispered something silently.

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Nina Afanasyevna was helplessly silent, then, having decided, quietly said: – Eh, daughter, if you only knew that you guessed with your joke.
Here seven years have passed, as my son disappeared: it was I who sent him to help grandmother to carry her bags.
– How seven years! How gone! – Sasha squatted down and only noticed that his knees were covered with stockings, and his hips covered the hem of a black dress with a flirty white apron, wide straps which lead to the shoulders.
Who dressed him up? In a dream? Raffle? Exactly the same form was in his dreams of an old woman! – Sukashima!
This morning began as usual: I woke up an hour before the hostess, cooked breakfast, poured a hot bath and began to kneel beside the bed, where the lady slept.
As soon as the hands on the clock showed 8 o’clock, I immediately put my head under the blanket and began to gently kiss the hostess’s legs.
She responded instantly and opened her eyes.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it’s enough to do your legs, better pussy out! I listen, – I answered and thrust my head deeper, until I buried my nose in my mistress’s pussy.
My tongue immediately set to work, trying to bring the lady as much as possible pleasure.
Surprisingly, she came very quickly and my head in a fit of orgasm was compressed by the hostess’s thighs.
I almost screamed, but managed to restrain this urge, knowing how annoying my mistress’s screams are.
Then she relaxed in satisfaction.
I felt how she pressed her right leg, and then her foot lay on my face and with a pretty strong jerk pushed me out from under the blanket.
Enough, scum, near me curl, go get a better breakfast! Yes, madam, ”I replied, and hurried to the kitchen.
Our relationship with her is not just a session meeting or a hp-relationship, we are her legitimate husband and wife.
But I am only a slave for her and my duties are simple:

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to do everything that she orders me.
Accordingly, we have established a special order, which I must follow.
At home I always have to be on my knees and completely naked.
My member girdles the belt of fidelity, which I have not already shot for a couple of months. Ebony girls live sex.

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