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Chat webcam adult. “Sasha,” Masha answered for me.
“Just a sight for sore eyes,” Ksyusha continued to admire me. “Who dressed him so well?” I love boys in pantyhose.
“The most amazing thing is that Sasha’s is still dry,” Masha giggled.
The girls smiled indulgently.
– And so that the pants remain dry, it’s time to go for a little, – I heard Lena’s voice, – And for the most part, it would not hurt.
Let’s try the purchase.
Lena came up to me and pulled my hand, made me stand up.
“I don’t want to,” I said softly, blushing with shame.
“Whether you like it or not, now I’m going down both small and large,” Lena said, lifting me to the changing table with difficulty, “Nannies with mothers know better when babies are supposed to do this.”
– Not naa-do! – I cried.
– Now let go of the pants! – Lena ordered, hurting my hands painfully, – Are you capricious again? So in front of the guests shame me.
Leaving me without pantyhose, Lena forcibly parted my hands, with which I, as usual, shyly covered my groin.
– Again for your own? – she sighed – Who are you shy here? – Us? – Masha giggled, nodding at her sister with a friend.
– What, no one except mom can you do? – Lena did not let up, – Other adults can also do all the necessary procedures for you.
– Adults! – I said, looking at the nanny offended.
– And who do you think we are? – Lena raised her voice, – Not adults? Chat webcam adult.

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