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I could not tear her gaze from her. Her body was glistening with the cream. Her nipples were sticking out, her lips were clearly visible.
The pussy was shaved perfectly and shone too, her bright black hair was loose and wet, it was just below her shoulders.
– Lyoshaaa !!! – all, all I leave.
But soon after about three months, I probably found my most valuable thing I was looking for, searching for my searches and observing Svetka, I was excited only because I found it.
I HAVE FOUND TWO TETRADS WITH HER DIARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first thing I did was to open the last page and see that the date is fresh, it means it is not children’s diaries, but it still keeps them.
Further rummaging under the cabinet, I found two more diaries not big, but they started at the age of 12 and, in principle, were not interested in any tediousness about singers in love with guys and movie actors, as well as all sorts of singers.
I ran a glimpse of them and the most interesting thing was the first menstruation.
But in the second notebook it was already more interesting. Towards the end, the first peeling began, and then she met Igor, there were five pages of lyrics that he was good and how she loved him, and then we thought how to lose his virginity, then it was almost 16 years old.

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It turns out she lost her virginity in her 16th birthday.
At Masha’s apartment, and her parents said that she went to a disco, she was in pain and a lot of blood, but she endured everything because she loves Igor so much, in short, everything is as usual, then the lyrics and sex are just ordinary sex.
Then came talk of a blowjob, she really wanted to try but was shy then she tried it, they turned out to be fucked almost every day and in the morning when she supposedly should be at school in the afternoon and even in the evening in the room when we were all at home.
So she tried the first blowjob, but both were

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disgraced, he could not resist and ended up in her mouth and she could not stand it and almost choked on everything spat out at him.
But not what then learned and relatively quickly.
Then I postponed reading, I could not stand it any longer, I had to be exhausted and I went to my friend because she had a two-story apartment and her room was far from the hall and the parent.
I was so impressed that I hadn’t been slazy for a long time, but she didn’t take offense too much she liked it.
Only she had to close her mouth so that she didn’t moan much.
Slowly, I began to study her diaries and found so many details interesting.
It turns out a month before her 17th birthday she quarreled with Igor, I was with my parents in the country.
Light from the frustration invited Mashka, they bought wine, but as many as three bottles were greedy and they decided to celebrate the mountain. Cam masturbation live.

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