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My mother and I, who were on vacation, were engaged in enjoying nothing.
We went to sunbathe in the yard (lived in a private house), watched TV, slept and played on the computer.
In fact, from the point of view of an almost mature man, it was difficult for me to be near her.
At home, she walked in a summer silk robe, and I saw

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her nipples show through the thin fabric of her robe.
I do not know if she wore panties at home, but I felt that sometimes she was without them.
It was especially exciting to watch from the window of her bedroom, when she, after a summer shower, wrapped in one towel, returned to her room.
At such moments I very often resorted to masturbation.
I watched, looking out of the window, as she was sunbathing on a cot, standing in the middle of the yard, I especially liked it when she turned over on her stomach, unbuttoned the rear straps of the upper part of her bikini.
At such moments, her poured chest protruded slightly from the sides, and this made me very happy.
Her lush buttocks ate the narrow thread of her swimming trunks, and it seemed that she was completely naked.
After sunbathing, she always went to the summer shower.

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The shower was sharpened so that its side, which was lined with thick building glass, was facing the windows of the house, and this allowed me to fully enjoy her voluptuous silhouette.
I, too, was pretty good.
I was slim, handsome on the face, and walked around the house in some shorts, not even wearing underwear – summer is still hot, through shorts, if you look closely, you could notice my almost constant erection.
But how much did it attract her? Still, I’m her son.
Of course, I had girls.
In my years I have already lost my virginity.
But what is the regularity of sex life in a sixteen year old boy? Once or twice a month, anyway, it was with me.
That’s why I saved the situation by resorting to masturbation.
However, it gave me not only relaxation, but some other shades of orgasm, which I did not get with my girls.
So this time, when mother again got up from the folding bed and went to the shower, I without thinking twice (after all, I enjoyed the lovely look of her gorgeous body and was extremely excited), took out my strong phallus from shorts, and slowly stroke it.
I watched how her barely distinguishable through the wall of the outline could be poured, how she stroked herself, soaping and washing the soap off herself, and how she stroked her crotch, getting apparently a lot of pleasure.
Building glass did not give me a complete picture, but for individual movements of the contour of her body, I understood what she was doing.
I caressed myself slowly, then completely chasing the skin on the penis, then twisted it only a little with rotational movements on my head, intending to finish at the moment when she came out of the shower wrapped in her green towel. Bongacams video girl.

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