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But now, by one o’clock I was lucky.
A jeep arrived in which, by the light of a lantern, I examined four men.
Girl, work? – the driver shouted to me? Yes.
How much do you want for the night? 1000 euros.
Fuck yourself.
What are you, whore, ohrenella? Yes, for such grandmothers we are a dozen like you buy.
How old are you though? I’m 16.
I understand that expensive.
But I really need this money.
You can do whatever you want with me until morning.
Just do not cripple and do not kill.
Do you really need money? So can you tselka? We have seen such as the golden mountains promise.
And when it comes to it, even a blowjob can not normally do.
I silently went to the car, opened the door.
What are you doing?
? The driver did not finish.
With nimble fingers, I removed the penis from my pants and put it into my mouth.
Drove moaning.
The rest of the guys watched with interest my actions.
Not letting the guy finish, I rose from my knees.
Well? Can I suck or not? Well suck us.
Demonstrate your skill, maybe we will buy you.
I took turns going around all the men in the car and showed them my blowjob skills.
We take.
1000 euros? We agree.
But we fuck you to death that night.
Sit in the back seat.
One guy got out of the car, letting me go.
And I ended up in a warm cabin between two sturdy, handsome men.
Their hands immediately fell on my chest.
The car started off and we drove off.
I was very glad to these guys.
Since it is already quite frozen.
I was wearing a latex jacket on my naked body, which opened the hemispheres of my beautiful breasts and skirt, which does not hide my legs

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Leaning back in my seat and enjoying strong male hands on my chest, I put my palms on their pants.
With skillful movements, she unzipped the zippers and freed them from their clothes, which were still sluggish, members.
Gentle movements began to stroke the groin area of ​​the guys.
Suddenly, I felt a strong male hand bending my head to my cock.
I bent over a man who was sitting to my left, and began to lick his tongue and testicles with his tongue.
The eggs were hairy, and it was not very pleasant to lick them.
But the man insisted on this caress, and I had nothing against it.
Taking his penis in his mouth, I began to suck gently and slowly.
Literally in half a minute the member was put on alert.
Sucking a little more, I pulled away from his member and began to alert the guy who was sitting to my right.
The driver and the passenger to his right watched with envy in the rearview mirror, as the young girl sucks their friends.
From this view, their pants noticeably bristled.
And it was obvious that they could not wait to give it to me too.
The man sitting next to the driver turned around and began to observe how I was doing a blowjob to his comrade.
I decided to tease him.
And in the process of a blowjob, smiling, looked into his eyes.
It was evident that he could no longer tolerate.
And he did what I did not expect.
Asking us to shift to the left, he pressed a button that was located under the seat, and it began to unfold.
The back of the car seat was lowered until it formed one straight line with the seat.
Quickly sitting on a horizontal back, the guy unbuttoned his pants and his member in combat readiness jumped out.
I did not need to explain again.
I leaned over his cock and also took it in my mouth.
So alternately, I sucked for ten minutes, until one of them came up with a new way.
The guy from the front seat moved to the back.
And when I became a cancer, I moved to the unfolded front seat.
The car was good, bulk.
The chairs are spacious, so I fit into it without any problems.
Three rose members looked at me.
I took turns taking them in my mouth and pleasing their owners.
While I was sucking dick, I looked into the eyes of a man whose dick was in my mouth.
I do not know why, but men turn on when a woman in the process of blowjob looks into his eyes. Bongacams squirt.

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