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Sveta said nothing.
Ira came back and squatted down, clinging to my balls and Sveta’s ass.
Sveta jumped on me, slapping her breasts on my face, and I tried to catch her big brown ones with my mouth.
Irka diligently worked with her tongue, trying to satisfy me and Sveta, who now moaned shamelessly and pressed herself against me.
Ira climbed onto the table and took Sveta by the head.
Now the head of a woman, tilted over my shoulder, was between the legs of Ira, her legs apart.
Now not only Sveta smacked her lips, but also her lips, which caressed Ira’s vagina.
For convenience, I put Svetlana with cancer, and now she, leaning on the table, could polish the girl’s foil without any problems.
I slapped Sveta in the ass, and she liked it, and besides, I abruptly thrust my dick into her, squishing her hot discharge.
I pulled Ira from the table and set him on my knees, giving her my dick for a good suction.
And Ira tried.
She sucked long and efficiently, smacking his lips and rubbing his vagina.
Light at this time kissed me.
Now Ira was in the place of Sveta.
Sveta lay on the table, rolling her eyes, and the small, compared to Svetkina, hole of the vagina took my starving penis.

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I came to an end.
Light, to me, quickly, – I ordered.

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threw herself at me with lightning, and with a sharp movement I put her on my knees, abruptly pulled a member out of Ira’s vagina and began to cum in a woman’s mouth.
Light pounced on the penis, like a hungry.
She sucked everything out of him, to the last drop, but I could not stand and, for a very long time, erupted a thick cocktail in her mouth.
A good girl, – Ira whispered, encouraging the boss, stroking her breast with one hand and leading the woman in the crotch with the other.
Ira pressed her lips to Sveta’s lips and began to kiss her, licking the remnants of sperm from her tongue and lips.
Sveta smiled and was in seventh heaven.
I never had such a thing, – said Sveta, – And she did not lick the girl.
Now will be, yes, Dima? – asked Ira.
Yes, girls.
Next was coffee, tea and alcohol, but I wanted more sex.
Ira offered to go to bed, but I wanted to fuck her and Sveta in the kitchen on the table.
Get off the table, ”I said.
Five minutes later everything was tidied up and now Ira lay on her back on the table with her legs apart, and Sveta crouched over her face, exposing her labia to the playful uvula of the girl.
Ira groaned like a wound, and her moans were intertwined with Sveta’s moans and the requests “More!”.
I fucked Ira for a long time in this position, until she was tired of keeping her legs apart in different directions on weight.
I put Ira cancer and put a member to her ass, then spat on her hole and began to slowly try to penetrate her.
Slower, Ira asked. Webcam sex clips.

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