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The dog did not want to lose his bitch, he squeezed me harder with his paws and began to bounce, poking a member of my buttocks.
The fear immediately evaporated, and again the desire burst through, a great desire to experience, feel, and eventually become for a moment the very same bitch who whined allowed herself to be fucked by a dog.
I lowered my arms lower, and then I completely rested my shoulders in the sand, my hands were free, and I could now use my hands.
Spreading my buttocks wider, I waited for him to get my cock in my ass, in the anus, but the dog was shaking and could not please me.
Carefully, I twisted my hips, lowered myself slightly, then lifted up, I caught his sharp member and finally he poked straight at the point.
From surprise, I shrank, he prodded again and again, but in a place that would relax, I tensed my body harder and harder.
The dog growled, he could not get his way and understood this, he understood that his bitch was resisting, I immediately awoke, strained the press, pulled my buttocks apart with my fingers and his hot cock sticking my anus, began to penetrate into me with every push.
I was even glad that there was no pain, even though I was waiting for just that, no, it was not there, there was only a feeling that they nailed me like a butterfly and that I would not go anywhere now and until he finished his job he would not let me go, but I didn’t was in a hurry.

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I stood with my ass up to the top, substituting it under the dog’s cock, which with each push entered deeper and deeper, it seemed to me that it was dimensionless, it all entered and entered, and then it stopped.
The puck froze, I felt how his penis began to swell, the anus expanded and it hurt a little, and then it shook.
The dog danced on its hind legs, I squeezed my lips, so as not to scream, pain pierced me, but it was only one moment, and then there was peace.
The dog fucked me in the ass, burning in the groin changed, burned, it became so hot, and then everything was gone, I don’t remember what happened after, everything was burning, everything from inside was burning, I didn’t feel the wind, I didn’t see the sun, I just fell through and do not even know where.
I collapsed on the sand, my knees trembled, my whole body shuddered in convulsions, I didn’t understand how I looked at the grass, how ants crawling on it, what are they doing here?
My hands did not obey me, they moved by themselves, and my fingers squeezed the sand, I felt like out of me, something flowed out, hotter, but I didn’t even want to think what it was, it burned me and caressed at the same time, I closed my eyes.
Breathing hard, I fell into nothing, in that world where I was not yet, he did not frighten me, but he did not lure, I just fell through and that was all.
Probably it took about ten minutes, maybe an hour before I was able to rise on my elbows and look back.
The sun stood on me, it was motionless, it is eternal, it is me who moves, albeit slowly, but I

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am moving.
The chest ached, that is, the nipples ached, they ached as if they were squeezed into forceps, and then they let go to the end, it was painful to touch them. Watch live sex online.

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