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It was a bit scary, standing in the middle of the corridor, for a moment being naked to the waist.
But then, at home, remembering what happened, she experienced a special arousal, caressing herself.
Today there is no choice, we must wear them.
At the appointed time, she stood in front of her uncle.
Like last time, Vitaly ordered to take off his shorts.
Taking them off, Vika felt the treacherous panties slightly slid down behind the shorts.
But to correct, in the eyes of Vitaly did not dare.
Looking at her, and it seemed to her that he was looking only between her legs, her uncle again said what she would be punished for and how.
– You will get thirty hits.
In lots of ten.
With intervals of ten minutes.
In the breaks you will stand in the middle of the room and think about your behavior.
Vika listened and thought that she would have more time today to flaunt him in panties.
He will probably look at her.
From these thoughts, she warmed between her legs.
She was afraid to admit to herself that she was pleased to obey him, to be submissive.
Vitaly, telling, admired his niece.
With pleasure I looked at her well-shaped figure, slender legs.
He noticed the slipped panties, and a slit openly involuntarily attracted his gaze.
He wanted to pull the time while she stood before him so obedient.

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Citing the fact that he needed to drink water, he went to the kitchen.
When he returned, he told her to go to bed.
Vika lay on the armrest, leaning her arms.
Like yesterday, her ass was exposed up.
Only the treacherous panties slipped a little more.
In addition, she felt that a little excitement soaked.
“He will hardly notice,” she decided.
Vitaly again stroked her strap on the back, ass, hips legs.
Vika held her breath, waiting for the blow.
The hard belt touched her skin in a special way.
It was nice, very nice.
Several times the belt drove over her excited lips.
She was ashamed, but at the same time she was getting more and more excited.
Vitaly, with pity, stopped caressing the girl with the belt.
He struck the first blows.
Slowly, with the arrangement.
He didn’t hit hard, making long pauses.
Between the blows, he would strap on the ass, stroking it.
When the belt slid over her ass, Vitaly specifically held him for a second on her crack.
Vika only ojkala from blows.
It was not painful, but somehow hot.
She felt that today she was beaten differently.
A blow, a little pain, warmth through the body, and the languor spreads in the groin.
Feelings increased.
Finally, Vitali made the last, tenth strike.
Helped Vick to get up and took her hand to the middle of the room.
She stood, lowering her eyes.
Taking a moment, straightened her panties.
I realized with horror that they had slipped much more than she thought.
Surely, my uncle could see everything well.
But this thought only increased her excitement.
Ten minutes later, Vitaly helped her to lie down for the second portion.
Specially bit her legs apart.
Now the belt after impact, sliding on the ass, fell edge between the

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girl’s legs, then rose, caressing her lips through her panties, and finished his movement on the second half.
Vika was excited with every blow.
Her breathing became intermittent. Watch hbo series real sex free online.

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