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Roma came to the side with his exposed and slightly pulsing instrument.
I opened my mouth wide and swallowed Romkin’s head.
With a sharp push, he pushed the polnile into his mouth, which again I almost choked.
With each push the member entered deeper and deeper.
Holding my breath, I took it, simultaneously chasing the skin to Alexey.
Toli from the lack of air, or from vodka, but my head was spinning again, and I lost control, I myself began to move towards it.
A member entered the throat every time faster and deeper.
With my right hand I began to pull at the clitoris, bringing myself to orgasm.
I felt good again, familiar cramps were rolling up to my lower abdomen, and a little more.
And here Alexey released my hand and became behind.
I understood everything, stood up, and, otkryvchiv ass, put the no-gi.

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In order not to fall, Romkin clasped her ass with both hands and continued to suck furiously.
Alex entered me very easily, like clockwork – the vagina has long since started up juices.
Romka stiffened and at that moment steps were heard on the landing, someone was going down.
The steps were dim, but I could not see who was there, only sniff was heard.
Come on, man, we’ll call you, ”Roman croaked, and after a second he began to cum.
A jet of hot sperm hit me in the throat, but after a moment someone’s paw pushed Roma away from me, a member popped out of my mouth and began to fill my chest.
In order not to fall, I rested my hands on the wall and half turned.
In the sunlight falling from the window, I recognized him.
It was a huge man of about forty-five, who lived in our house.

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I knew that he had been in prison several times – they said that for rape.
He did not go anywhere, stood silently beside him and loudly snuffled, and with every minute his sniffing grew louder.
What are you, man! – Roman was indignant, but he suddenly made a movement with his hand, and Roma went to the side.
After a moment, Alexey flew there as well, without having had time to finish.
The man took his place and with one hand pulled me to the wall so that I hit my head painfully.
With his other hand, he pulled up my skirt and began to feel the crotch behind me.
I tried to squeeze my legs, but it was impossible – the hand was huge and terribly strong.
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