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Tamil sex audio online. The teacher was stroking my ever-growing tummy saying that she knows how much water I need and the more the better.
Sometimes they stopped the flow of water into me and lay while I stroked the tummy and along and in a circle.
I lay quietly and decided to continue the enema by opening the water a little stronger than before.
Soon I began to experience a slight tearing and twitching booty.
They understood and said that water would enter into me as much as I could take in myself and would continue until I started to crap right on the couch.
Soon I started moaning and for some time the water supply was stopped then asking me whether or not I was bursting, I nodded that they didn’t open the tap again.

Now some water will flow into you as long as you don’t start a crap, said the nanny.
I began to whimper while continuing to suck the nipple which distracted me a little and calmed me.
Can I take crap I really want to crap VERY !!! I immediately removed the tip from me, he even jumped out himself and rolled the roller twice under my ass.

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After lying down I did not start to crap.
They started to persuade me to do it like little girls and boys do right in the crib.
After all, they love to do it.
I felt great urges and soon realized that I would say goodbye to some water.
They helped me to do it a little nadiviv on the tummy.
I felt a strong urge to go to the toilet. Very strong urges were constantly increasing. I held back how much strength and patience I had.
And soon, my ass opened and a very strong stream of water poured on crumpled diapers.
I even began to straighten up helping the waters to leave me and not a lot of moaning the nipple fell out of my mouth and lay nearby.
The nurse wanted to put her back to me, but the tutor made a sign that for the time being it was not necessary to do this.
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