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On the way, Anna asked: – Are you really stripped naked just so that I pay attention to you? – Mom, this is just an accident, I thought you wouldn’t notice, until I looked for something in the closet.
“Do you want me to undress too?” – Well.
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– I know, I smiled, Anna smiled, took his hand and dragged her to the bushes, you still had to walk to the bushes, as they walked along a fairly open area, and Anna didn’t want to be seen with Andrei.
– Where are we going, mom? Andrew asked.
– How where, in the bushes, you yourself want? – Mom, I do not want in the bushes, I did not say that.
– Come on, let’s go, I said.
Anna went all the way and thought, but it’s worth doing it at all, because on the one hand she doesn’t change anyone, and on the other, she’s not doing the right thing again.

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But it was too late, she saw a member sticking out with might and main, and this member hidden behind her swimming trunks excited her, she wanted to reveal herself to surrender to her son, but she decided to control herself all the same.
They descended into the ravines, and hid in the bushes.
Anna took off her T-shirt and unbuttoned her blouse. There is a neighbor’s house next to these bushes, and they could simply be noticed if they were noisy here, so Anna immediately warned Andrei not to make much noise here.
– Want to see me without clothes? Smiled Anna whispered.
– Yes.
quietly said Andrew.
Anna turned her back to Andrew, and lowered her panties to her knees.
A member of Andrew was already full, and the feeling is about to burst from the tension.
– Andrei was shocked by what he saw.

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He never expected this from his mother, but she could speak frankly with him, saying that she had sex with her son, met or met with anyone.
but so that he could undress in broad daylight, and even naked, Andrei could not imagine it.
– Want to touch my ass? I allow!.
Andrew put his hands to Anna’s buttocks, and slowly pulled them apart. He ran his finger along the anus, slightly pressing a finger in the ass.
Andrew heard the sound of his own heart, he seemed to be winged and cut off from the ground.
But Anna pulled the pants back, turned to her son: – Well? looked ?.
touched even.
Let’s go home.
– Maam, what are you ???
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