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What to do? He has almost left no stone unturned from our beautiful friendship, a couple of minutes of such manipulations and I will not be able to bring anything back.
Not daring to show him that I was awake, as if in a half-nap I tried to roll over on my stomach and squeeze my legs stronger, then pulled the blanket over me and sweetly puffed.
Sasha tried to settle down with me this way and that, but without success.
Finally he got tired of it and he left our bed.
I sighed with relief, and was just about to fall asleep again, like.
In complete darkness and silence, he crawled apparently on the floor in the area of ??my legs.
And he slowly began to lift the blanket up to my waist.
I was afraid to move, my nerves were strained, his every touch caused a storm of indignation and at the same time agitated.
His hands blindly rummaged through my ankles, thighs, tried to penetrate the panties, but it was difficult because of my posture.
Then he began to slowly turn me on my back.
I wanted to nail him.
Clenching my teeth and fists, I dreamed of falling through the ground and at the same time was completely powerless – Yulia’s gossip snouted next to me, wake up, and my reputation as a good girl will be hopelessly ruined.
While my imagination painted more colorful pictures of my upcoming shame – if Yulia wakes up and hears our fuss – Sanya finally invaded my panties and stroked bald unprotected lips.
I squeezed my legs, but he did not calm down.
Here is his hot mouth covered the hillock of Venus and kisses him through the thin fabric of his underpants.
But his hands are these very cowards with my resisting legs.
He was stronger, and my hips opened wide to meet his wet tongue.
If I could unleash my feelings, I would scream.
His tongue drilled my wet hole, licked, rubbed, fucked.
Involuntarily, I began podmahivat him, and then completely spat on the propriety and pressed his head to his insatiable little hole.

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He tried as much as any man before him, I was delaying an orgasm, but discharged into his mouth, convulsively squeezing his hips, sweating from

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the head with sweat.
He did not calm down on this, crawled to my face and lay down on top of me with a jack, buried his salty head from the discharge in my half-open lips.
I did not resist – it would be stupid.
His little dick fit entirely in my mouth, and he dug into my clit like a butterfly on a pedicle and we began to copulate like a pair of rabbits.
It’s amazing how Julia did not wake up from this silent fucking and the smell of our bodies, the whole room seemed to be saturated with emanations of sex.
I tried to suck so quietly, although I was terribly excited by the process, sucking my dick was always my favorite thing.
We finished almost at the same time, I pressed his head to myself again and rubbed my vaginal fluid running from his grease on his face.
From this, he also twitched and lowered a portion of sperm into my mouth, I licked his pulsating head until he fell limply and snored.
It remains only to crawl out from under him, silently get together and leave this apartment forever.
Sasha-Sasha, how could you kill my faith in real female-male friendship?
Those who have already read my “Youth in Black Stockings” might have a question, but what happened next? Did Vadim know that I was not a real woman? The answer is “no.”
I never met him again.
After that incident, I didn’t go outside for a month in a woman’s.
I can not even explain why.
Perhaps I had the sharp impressions of simply savoring what had happened, recalling the details and considering future prospects.
During this time I decided for myself that it was time for me to find a more serious partner and finally part with my anal virginity.
And here I again began to go out, disguised as a girl, sometimes even in the light of day.
The thrill that I experienced on walks, stirred the blood, and returning home, I again and again experienced some moments of his adventures.
Usually I wore a tight-fitting hips pleated skirt to the knees, under them stockings with silicone strips and panties.
I hid my manhood, lifting them to the stomach and tightly tying to the body with an elastic bandage.
This achieved a double effect, increasing the width of the hips.
The most intriguing point of my adventures were bars.
It is worth several times to appear in the same bar, as you immediately become familiar.
Well, this is understandable, if a pretty girl comes alone every time, orders only a cup of coffee and sips it throughout the evening, it causes curiosity and interest, creates a sort of aura of mystery (“breathing spirits and mists.”
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