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And the older brother. ”
“Is he big?” “He is 16 already.”
“And you?” “I’m seven.
I finished second grade. ”
“Come on, suck.”
I again lay on my back, told him that I had laid down on my right leg.
Having grabbed the dick by the barrel, he began to suck hard and move the handles on the trunk back and forth without using his tongue at all.
At the same time, I did not move, but he himself several times put his throat on elda, because of which he choked each time, took the dick out of his mouth, cleared his throat, and again began to suck on.
Five minutes later, he came off: “But when you catch a buzz.
then you have such a white thing pour out? “” Yes “” And you tell me when pour? Please “” Choose: either you will suck the whole thing out, or you will insert your dick into your ass.
I did you nice? Kayf caught? Now give me a pleasure to receive. ”
“Only I will not swallow it.”
“Swallow is not necessary.
Simply, it will flow, and you let it out of your mouth, as you have NES drooling tech! ut “.
He again took the dick in his mouth, moving his hand on the trunk.
Feeling an approaching orgasm, I covered the back of his head with his hands and began to move in the rhythm of his sucking forward.
Accordingly, he began to fall into his throat with a member, which was why he was wearing a tick and constantly heard the sound “kh”.
Since I kept his hands on the back of the head and his ears, he didn’t completely pull out his cock.
At the same time, he had already turned red, it was clear that he did not have enough air and he began to choke.
The pace increased to such an extent that I could not stand it and started shooting sperm in his mouth.
He tried to pull away, but it was not there, it turned out only that he continued to move his head backwards.
Part of the sperm began to drain on the chin.
Part was in his mouth.
It was really felt that his mouth was filled to capacity, he breathed deeply with his nose and would be red, like boiled cancer.

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All the wreaths on the face were swollen.
Shot, I slowed down the pace of rolling his head on my penis and said: “Release the sperm and continue to touch the dick tongue.”
He mumbled something, but it was not clear.
He opened his mouth and sperm with his saliva poured on my stomach.
At the same time, it turned out that the language was under the bridle, which is just a fucking bit.
“Here! Here,” – raised his voice to him, – “lie below the dick, fucking, here it is a high.”
He stroked my tongue from the bottom with his tongue and breathed heavily with his mouth wide open.
Five minutes later I pushed him aside, he sat down and put the boy on his hips.
“Listen, let us have a little rest and I’ll fuck you again.
Only in cock.
And then let go.
Do you want to drink? “To a distant sip of beer, which was barely swallowed from a twisted face, saying:” Ugh, what a disgusting thing. ”
Although I buy only good beer.
“Uncle, can I show up?” “Do not go far.”
I had already finished, and the boy understood that even if he ran away, I would not rush after him.
But he did not want to go naked along the street.
After sending, he returned “Come on

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, lie on your back.”
I placed it in such a way on my back that he lifted his legs, shoveling them to the sides, and I drove my dick over his crotch and eggs.
The boy relaxed and stopped fearing me so much that he began to ask.
The picture was gorgeous: a small seven-year-old boy lay spread over my legs, I slowly fuck his cock, and we talk, joke, jokes, Idily! Then I got tired of the pose, I stretched out his legs and placing his head over his segment began to fuck him so slightly pressing him to the ground.
“But tomorrow you will have sex with me again?” “Yes,” he lied.
That children can not lie.
It was evident that he had calmed down, that I would not kill and that I would not hurt him anymore.
But the second time with me, he would definitely not go.
I had such an idea.
I put it crustaceans and put a member between lyashek.
This made him very amused.
Then again I laid him on my back, leaned all over my body and frictions over twenty finished him on a fuck.
As I lay on his little body he moaned and to! ryahtel, but having noticed that a liquid is pouring on his penis, he stopped to groan.
I moved down and licked my cum.
Who would not speak, and I like the taste of his.
Then he began to suck at him again.
“Well, baby, do you want to catch the buzz again?” “I need to go home, otherwise we are here for a long time.”
But his penis was rising before his eyes.
It was evident that on the one hand, he really wants to dump, but on the other he wants to get an orgasm again. Sexy korean dance webcam.

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