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There was a teasing smell in the air that Yurik could not identify.
Pretending that he was not paying attention to fussing Maria, he quickly replaced the light bulb

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“You are a magician,” she said with a gasp, “I beg you, keep me company.”
Cognac? “It can be done,” said Yurik happily, “True, I never drank cognac.”
We do not sell it in the store, but in the city it is expensive.
“Well,” said Maria, glaring eagerly in the semi-darkness, “for your golden hands.”
“Come on,” Yurik lowered, “just replace the light bulb.”
“I love men with skillful hands,” Maria continued to flirt with meaning, “After all, you can touch not only light bulbs with your hands, right?” – Well.
Yes, – Yurik did not really understand what she was talking about, but he felt well the excitement and appeal coming from her.
– For your work you need to thank as a man, you understand me? – Uh, well.
While continuing to chat, Maria turned her face to Yurik, slightly spreading her fat legs.
The robe hid almost nothing, the legs were completely bare, but some remnants of modesty still kept Maria from opening herself completely.

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Yurik perfectly understood that he was brazenly and aggressively seducing.
What prevented him from sticking his strong fingers to these huge white thighs or to the chest shaking with breathing, the nipples pulling the thin fabric right now? Firstly, natural modesty and shyness, and secondly, the idea instilled in him by Anton that in this case the master is he, and she is his obedient servant.
So let her try to seduce him properly.
So a few more minutes passed.
Maria twittered, slowly marveling at the guy’s stamina and patience (she saw his trousers bristling), drank brandy, blushed, smiled and answered in monosyllables.
The legs, meanwhile, were spreading wider, hair appeared, the top button of the robe swung open as if by itself, opening the view not even on the chest itself, but on the body between them and under them! The tension was increasing.
It couldn’t go on like this for a long time.
At one point, she leaned down, simultaneously pressing her lips to his lips, and her breasts to his hands, which he exposed, as if defending herself.
A few minutes in the dim room was almost quiet, only both puffed loudly, and the robe rustled under the pressure of the eager palms of Yurik.
A minute later, Mary’s hands, as if remembering, crawled down to his fly, tearing from the internal pressure.
Ira loved her friend Alice very much.
They were familiar with her since childhood, they studied in the same class, then they went to the same institute, although only in provincial Subbinsk, but in different groups.
Ira went to the veterinary faculty, and Alice to the agrarian.
There they met with their young people Dima and Sasha. Sexy ebony on webcam.

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