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“I just want to do my job at the level,” Telegin replied, “after all, the situation when a girl has to be taken back to the laboratory can become a tragedy for a passionate client.
And we, thus, break the contract.
– Young, just great! – shook Shevchenko’s hand to him, – I already had a good opinion about you, but now I see that you are a true professional.
I also thought about it.
I do not have 100% solutions to such problems.
Yes, and these have not yet occurred.
To do this, and go to the city to be an observer.
If something like this arises, we will decide together.
But know right away – the contract for the possession of a girl is not unlimited, but for ten years.
As soon as we take away the girl after the expiration or earlier due to force majeure, the client simply forgets her doll.
In this case, just you and try, or I’m at the worst.
The doctor got up and walked to the safe that was hidden in the wall.
If Shevchenko did not manipulate with a code lock, then Alex could hardly have guessed that there was a repository there. Sex teen online video.

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