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Well, let’s refrain for now.
– Mom, well, at least two times? – What does “two time” mean? – Well, I will insert, take out, and again.
Anna laughed, and replied: – Well, stupid, okay.
let’s go home.
– Well? Can? Mommy? – Let’s go home, huh? Andrei had already lost all hope of continuing the “party”, got dressed, and went into the house.
There Anna, stripped naked, lay down in bed, and turned on the TV.
Andrew came next.
– Come on a little bit? Continued to persuade Andrew.
– Ehh.
what to do with you.
answered Anna.
And then she got up on her knees, turning her back to Andrew.
– Well, planted, macho! Anne answered.
– Andrew immediately took off his pants, ran into the kitchen, oiled his dick from ran up and down, and sprinkled a little bit on Anna’s ass.
– What are you doing over there? – I grease, that entered better.
– How do you know? – Yes, yes.
– Come on.

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Andrew buried his anus as a member, and slightly pushing his buttocks, he began to put pressure on him with his stake.
– Are you in the ass? – Yes, why? – No, it’s simple.
Anna screamed.
The head of the member has already entered, and then the member itself began to slowly but surely penetrate inside.
– Uhhh.
come on !! Andrew began to gradually increase speed.
– Come on come again !! Shouted Anna.
And soon Andrew finished the second time.
Well this time, the trickle was smaller than the first.
He took out a member, and gave it to suck Anna.
She sucked, and licked the rest of the sperm, said to Andrew: – Once fucked, lick my ass! – With pleasure, answered Andrew, and immediately began to lick the muscular ring at Anna, and his own sperm flowing from there.
From this, the language became slippery, and Andrei tried to put his own language inside.

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Anna lay and only moaned from the resulting allowance.
– Well, all come on, said Anna.
– She, I still have not licked the pussy.
– Do not swear Andrew !! What are these words? Where so learned.
– Come on mom flew.
– Flew out with him.
let’s all
Anna lay down under a blanket, and Andrew immediately sheltered.
She knew that he would not go to his house that evening.
Both of them could not fall asleep for a very long time, but chatted on all sorts of topics.
The next morning, Andrei woke up, pulled on his underpants, and went out into the street, inhaling the fresh morning air of the village, Andrei did not notice how Anna came up behind him, and abruptly pulled off the underpants.
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