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Sex and the city episode 1 watch online.
In the next street there was a small cafe, it was kept by my friend Arthur.
I often ran to him at lunchtime during the day.
Without thinking for a second, I went there.
There are people who never change.
Arthur was one of them.
His predilection for modernity, which once again caused a negative reaction from teachers at the institute, was reflected in the interior of his cozy cafe.
It was an old tram car, well restored, painted in a juicy dark green color.
He stood in the central park of the city on a small stretch of old rails.
The incredibly clean-washed windows reflected the bright sunshine: I walked up to the trailer, and, climbing the steps, I was inside this charming place.
Arthur, as always, stood at the bar and smiled sweetly at the visitors.
When he saw me, he raised his hand in greeting, and,

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waving it, pointed me to a free table.
I sat at a cozy table near the window.
There, outside the window, on the street all the rules are bustle.
People were in a hurry somewhere, cars were rushing by, buzzing with their horns.
But here it was different.
Silence, calm, peace: Against the background of a quiet melody that came from the musical apparatus, only rare soft tapping of spoons on cups of coffee and the barely audible whisper of visitors were heard.

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I usually ordered a light lunch.
On the table lay a folded advertising booklet.
Reluctantly opening it, I began to kill the waiting time for my lunch while reading any advertising tinsel.
From time to time I looked up and looked at incoming visitors.
Lord, what are we women curious! We all have to notice, we must all discuss, we must give our explanations to everything.
But isn’t this a small one, but still a fraction of our charm: (Ah, I was distracted by something.
Or distracted? What difference does it make!) I even had a question for a second: Are you waiting for someone to lift your eyes to every incoming person? Not finding the answer, I once again looked at the new visitor.
God, is that a flash of lightning? The sky is absolutely clear.
Or is it with my eyes something? On the threshold of the cafe was a tall, athletic guy.
He was wearing a white tight T-shirt and equally tight jeans.
Long hair was tied back in a small tail.
I took a breath for a moment.
He looked around the cafe in search of free space: O God, my table was the only one free.
“Sorry, you are not busy?” – Politely asked the guy.
His voice was a bit bass and rolling.
Swallowing saliva, and catching my breath, I squeezed out with difficulty: “Yes, yes, please, sit down”: He sat opposite me.
A small half-meter table divided us.
He quickly flipped through the menu and made an order.
Then he took out a cigarette and lit it sexually.
I, hiding behind an advertising booklet, looked over him at the top of the guy.
He did not notice this, he looked out the window and thought about something else.
He had a Greek profile: a very strong face, a nose with a small crook, which did not spoil it at all, but on the contrary, gave more charm.
It was the face of a real warrior.
His large and beautiful eyes looked away thoughtfully.
The beautiful contour of his cheekbones emphasized their beauty and immensity. Sex and the city episode 1 watch online.

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