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After jumping 10 minutes, he received permission to finally defecate water from the toilet into himself.
The water from his ass gushed a powerful pressure and did not stop pouring a few more minutes.
At that time, the face of the slave had a blissful expression on his face, which soon changed to an alarming one in connection with the possibility of repeating this procedure.
In order not to disappoint the ward, I ordered him to take a pose again on the floor, and stuck the hose into the pulsing hole of the ass.
This time, the hose could be pushed through by about 30 centimeters, and the water wasn’t turned off until the slave whitened from the internal pressure and was already on the verge of fainting.

After that, repeating the exercise on jumping, he was allowed to go to the toilet.
Water erupting from the bowels of the ass, was already much cleaner than the first time, but the pieces of feces still continued to pop up.
In this regard, I decided to take another cleaning method, and went to the room for a rope.

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Sergey, having decided that the enema was complete, was sitting on the push, even though he was exhausted, but pleased when I ordered him to lie down on the bottom of the bath with his feet to the drain hole.
The slave, not understanding my intention, quickly followed the instructions.
There, I bent his knees to the body and, with the help of a rope, pulled them almost to the ears, using the ring on the collar, to which his hands had long been tied.
Then, almost half a meter of hose was introduced into the victim’s anus, which became his family, and with the help of a rope the slave slung over the legs was fixed at the desired depth.
When the water began to fill the insides again, Serezha began to noticeably worried, because he was completely immobilized and even if he strongly wanted, he could not in any way interfere with the process.
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