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True, he immediately warned that he had never spent time with couples, more and more with single ladies, so he did not vouch for the consequences.
They agreed with Pasha that he would start the type, and that’s how the curve would lead.
Here Pasha had to briefly whisper to Sveta that he wanted to invite Misha to their room and try with her if not group sex, then at least sex by turns.
Sveta did not accept the truth again, but here Pasha firmly insisted on her and she, waving her hand, agreed.
Her consent was also influenced by the fact that Pasha said that Misha himself was a novice in this matter and that everything might not work out.
Still, a woman should always leave a path for retreat.
In the room, the company cut another bottle of wine and Pasha gave Misha a conditional signal to go to the bath.
While Misha was taking water procedures, Pasha sat down to the Light.
She was trembling a little and nervously pulling at the edge of the dress.
Pasha gently began to kiss his wife, whispering to her affectionate encouraging words. Recorded live sex cams.

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