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Sweat broke out on her forehead.
This was the last straw – I wailed and began to lower.
Natasha immediately recoiled, but part of the sperm still got into her mouth.
And I still poured, it seemed it would never end.
Finally I dried up and stretched out on a blanket.
Natashka wiped her lips with her panties, lay down next to me and immediately filled me up with a bunch of questions: why doesn’t she have sperm splashing, why I can’t get it right away, how babies come out of sperm, etc.
I myself didn’t understand much (it wasn’t in those dark times of sexual enlightenment of the younger generation, and there wasn’t really any sex), but I tried to explain everything to Natasha in my own words, said what our pussies are called in an adult way everything that he knew himself.
During my story, Natasha was playing with a cock, and I, putting my hand on my pussy, gently stroked it.
Either from the story, or from my hand, Natasha became excited and began to masturbate again.
I stopped her hand, went down, lay down between the legs and pressed my lips to the young cunt.
What an unforgettable smell and taste of pussy in a young virgin! We begin to understand this already in adulthood, after trying a bunch of pussies.
But we will remember only one, the very first.
What a pleasure to lick off the drops of grease along with sweat from the delicate petals of this unopened bud! I didn’t really know how to suck and acted intuitively, looking at Natasha’s reaction.
I hit the tongue bump, protruding from the razrezika.
Natasha twitched, bit her lip and groaned.
I realized that this is the clitoris – the most sensitive part of the pussy, and took it up close.

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Natasha was already moaning out loud, and I was even afraid that they would hear us.
Finally, she screamed like a wounded bird, legs squeezed my head so that it was difficult to breathe, and sprawled on the blanket.
I lay down beside me, breathing hard, like after a hundred meter.
Natashkin’s eyes were closed, she seemed to be asleep.
Finally, she catlike stretched, opened her eyes and looked at me.
Brother, – she said – it was so great! I seemed to have flown away somewhere! Will you do that to me

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? When you do a finger, not so nice.
And here, please, in more detail.
– I said, ready to listen – Tanya taught you that? And Natashka told how they experimented with Tanka.
How, having closed in the room, they took off their panties and jerked off first each to themselves, and then each other.
At first, she did not enjoy, but did it out of friendly solidarity, seeing how nice it was for Tanka.
But over time, something in her woke up, and she began to receive orgasms, but the truth is not the same as now.
She had looked at me for a long time, knowing that I was doing something similar, but I was embarrassed to start a conversation first.
And here, seeing that I went to the hut, followed me — that was how it happened.
In principle, it was Tanka who insisted that she try to masturbate with me in order to do it together later.
But, that we will suck, did not even imagine – it turned out spontaneously, and she really liked it.
During her story, I hoisted my dick, and by the end I was so excited that I was ready to finish right there.
But I decided to stretch the pleasure and fuck a full blowjob from my sister (then I didn’t even know the word blowjob).
Let’s try to suck each other’s friends together? – I suggested.
We lay on the side with a jack.
I lifted Natasha’s leg and pressed my lips to my pussy, Natasha began to lick the prick.
I impatiently moved my hips and pushed the dick into Natasha’s mouth almost to the very throat.
Natasha gasped in surprise, but quickly coped with herself and began to perform forward movements of the head.
I started moving my hips to meet her – it turned out that I fucked my six-year-old sister in my mouth! I couldn’t withstand this for a long time – I grabbed her by the head, pulled her close, shoved the dick over the very eggs, and began to pull it down. Pussysweet9 s bio and free webcam.

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