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Dima, my son, can completely dispose of you.
Your mother will be our common toy.
Yes, I agree, Olga impatiently answered, exposing her crotch even more strongly.
Oksana again touched Olya’s clitoris with her toes.
You should always be so open for me and my son, because you now belong to us.
This is the only way you can have fun.
Yes, this all belongs to you, Olga confirmed in a shaking voice with excitement, trying to catch Oksana’s fingers with a crotch.
I am available and open to you and your son, I fully obey you, and with Ira you can do anything.
She is your property.
Just please do not torment me, I really want to finish.
Finally, Oksana took pity and stuck her foot inside Oli.
Having groaned loudly, Olga finished in a couple of seconds, clasping Oksana’s foot with one hand, trying to push her even deeper into herself.
Well, that’s a good one, and now lay on your back and hold your legs to your chest, she ordered, without taking out her foot from Olya’s crotch.
She put her foot on the crotch of Olga lying on the floor, playing with her fingers inside her vagina, and continuing to chop the salad.

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Having mixed the salad, Oksana told Olga to get up and approach her.
Disheveled and flushed, Olga got to her feet and walked uncertainly to Oksana with an uncertain walk.
I like you, understand everything the first time.
will need your mom to try.
You will like it, and my mother and I will try very hard to make you and Dima happy with us.
By the way, let’s go see how your mother is there.
After all, we left the most interesting place.
She handed Olga a salad bowl and they went into the garden.
Dima has already managed to finish Ira twice in her mouth and now just held her head while she licked his cock from sperm.
Oksana went to Dima.
He stood still rolling his eyes in pleasure, not noticing neither her nor Olga.
Well, son, did you like it? Oksana hugged Dima by the shoulders.
Yes, mom, cool.
I even got her throat, and when I finished, she swallowed everything.
Dima continued to hold Irina’s head with her hands, which gently licked the head of his penis.
Did our Irochka like it, asked Oksana? Ira pulled away from Dimina member.
Her flushed face was covered with saliva and sperm, her lips were slightly swollen from prolonged sucking and it even seemed that her mouth was not completely closed.
Dima is just great, answered Ira, he did everything very skillfully.
When I

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thrust a member into my throat, I immediately gave a breath, so I didn’t even gasp.
In this case, she stroked the limp Dima member, holding it in his hands.
In the beginning, he was so carefully moving the member in my mouth that I quickly adapted to his size and now he fits in me completely.
Yeah, Dima said, I put in her once to the end. Port nassau cam.

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