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Her relaxed easy conversation.
Constantly smoked.
What was going on in her head.
Fear and desire.
What was more – it is impossible to say.
We went into the apartment.
Fear breaks it.
Does not know what to do.
Afraid to make a mistake.
He brought a huge bag in the room, she stayed in the hallway.
– On knees! You do not understand where you are? – His voice came from the room.
The smile on her face, she realizes that these are the last moments of her normal life.

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After tonight, it is unlikely to attract vanilla.
Dropped to her knees.
Is waiting.
Eyes lowered to the floor.
The fear gradually passes, the interest and excitement grows.
He fits: – Why are you here? – To submit to you, to give you pleasure.
He is pleased with the answer.
– We go to the room.
She will rise from her knees, follow Him.
“Were you allowed to rise from your knees?” Silently lowered.
Crawl uncomfortable.
But slowly.
She is definitely happy.
There is a time to be nervous.
He sits down on the sofa, she is at his feet on his knees.
– Get up, undress.
Gently removes his blouse, then skirt, unbuttons his bra.
The chest is already excited.
Nipples are hard.
Looks at Him a little furtively.
He definitely likes her condition.
– At this point, stop.
Turn to my booty – I want to see you from all sides.
Turns around.

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Her fear leaves somewhere, only excitement remains.
She wants to do whatever He tells her.
– Lean down.
Feet wider.
Bounce on ass.
She flowed even more.
He noticed it.
Assessing the humidity in her crotch, with three fingers at once, I was satisfied.
Fixed clothespins on the nipples.
It hurts enough.
– Get on your knees.
He takes the champagne, goes for the glasses.
– For the meeting! And for your first session.
“For the meeting,” she naps from the glass.
– I think you can be to the bottom.
– Thank.
– she smiles.
Champagne helps her relax a little.
He takes the rope.
Ties her hands behind her back.
Hard enough.
Unleash yourself will not work exactly a few skeins around the chest for fixation.
– Rise from your knees.
Remember, I told you about the device for punishment “donkey”? – I remember.
– The same can be made of ropes.
There is a smile on her face.
She does not care.
She wants to belong to him.
Yes, she already belongs to him.
He can do whatever he wants.
And she does not even remember the stop word.
Rope from the shoulders through her crotch.
Now her every breath, her every movement responds to the rope on the clitoris.
The rope also touches the clothespins on the chest – bringing a very sensual pain.
Bondage is over.
He looks at her appreciatively.
In His view, it is clear that He likes her.
He runs his hand over the body, touching the nipples, “straightening” the rope, he reaches the inside of the thighs.
She trembles with excitement.
Rudely takes her hair, drawing her closer, kissing with power.
Humidity between her legs rolls over.
– How much do I owe you there, dear? – 34.
– Get down.
First hit.
She sobbed in surprise.
– Beats need to be considered.
If you do not count – it means that there was no blow.
Clear? – All clear.
This is a controversial question who likes whipping more.
At first, probably, to her: he believes confidently, one can even say proudly. Online anonymous sexting.

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