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Truly, you will never guess what the day to come is preparing.
I never thought that I would watch my wife fuck and touch her standing end from time to time.
“Hey, you shut her up with your mouth then, as if the birthday girl would not wake her up,” said Anton Seryoga, kneeling behind my wife, shielding her with herself.
Serega raised Lenka by her hair and by the sound I realized that he had thrust her cock into her throat again.
I, meanwhile, clutching at the joint, was looking at Anton’s hairy ass with his pants down, trying to understand from his movements in her or not.
For some time he crawled, quietly swearing – he could not get in, but then his forward movement coincided with the fact that Lenka squeezed chokingly.
All I saw for about ten minutes was his butt going back and forth, the legs of my wife, who was standing with cancer, and Seryoga, who again thrust Lenka into her mouth, smiling disgustingly and occasionally looking into the corridor.

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Lenka did not moan – she sobbed and quietly lowed.
I went to the sofa again.
I laid down, closing my eyes – I had long ago made the decision not to interfere, because it was obvious that, despite the fact that my wife is treated like a fuck, this does not cause any special objections to her.
In addition to the sounds made by the mouth of my wife, in which he now wielded someone else’s dick, added the squishy sounds of her shaved cunt.
I was lying and, as if awake, I had a wet hole in front of my eyes, which is now being hammered by a fat dick with hairy eggs.
From the accelerating tempo of sounds coming from the kitchen, I realized that the guys decided to fuck my wife to the fullest.
Five minutes later, the fucking sounds subsided.
I only heard Lenka’s sobs.

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“Hey, let’s fill it in with another drink – let it relax” – Anton’s whisper came to me.
Apparently Lenka refused, because suddenly there was a sound of a slap in the face, throats, and soon she coughed.
I quietly went to the door, opened it again and saw that the men were sitting on stools and smoking, while Serega, holding Lenka by her face, kneeling, pours brandy into it straight from the bottle.
With swallowing, she did not quite cope and part of booze flowed down her body.
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