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O o bongacams.
He did it rudely, as if he hadn’t been fucking for ages.
– Stoney, fag! I want to hear you moan.
And with these words he inserted into me with more force.
() I moaned very loudly, if someone walked past the dressing room on the street, I would definitely hear it, but I didn’t care.
His dick just got me to the guts, he was huge, and his owner definitely knew how to use it.
I was very good.
This time I did not feel any pain, only wild excitement.
The guy fucked me for 20 minutes.
Toward the end, I began to compress my sphincter to make it even nicer.
My cock was already swollen, and the lubricant flowed just like a stream, but I did not touch it, I worked only with my booty.
The guy started to shudder and put his hand to me just below the navel, slightly pressing on my stomach. O o bongacams.

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