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stared like piranhas.
– only he cringed more strongly on the boulder, almost tearing in sweeping euphoria.

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– But, they all know their business.
Oh yes, girls! Ah, yes, the mistresses! ”As if reading his thoughts, Julia, without looking up from his bluish strawberry, suddenly looked up at him with a glazed water-eye and.
I began to massage the venous skin of his manhood with my hand! – Mmmm, devil.
– he mumbled, gratefully granting her the sweetness of flowing “wet dreams”.
– What are you devil.
However, the mermaid, without paying any attention to his words, began to play quite effortlessly to taste his head, more and more absorbed into it! – Yes, oh yeah.
– Vasilis howled again, already glowing with flesh under him even a boulder.
– Oooh, mmmm.
The lake sisters, not giving him time to recover and for a moment, quickly changed their “positions” – and now Inna tenderly embraced his moaning member with her lips, and Julia defiantly bit the coolness of small eggs! “Oh Gods.
gods! – He utterly prayed, under the attack of their cross-weasel already blowing three streams of sweat.
– They just drive me crazy.
They drive me crazy! ”Skillfully pumping excitement in him, the twin mermaids changed their position again, becoming together.

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lead by tongues on his dick! To drive through unconcealed smiles, sometimes clinging sweetly and between them with their sharp, ubiquitous tips! – Oh yes yes yes! – Vasilis bleated in the hearts, under a double double-shit, falling into incredibly sweet fluttering.
– Yeah, my fish! You.
you are just beauties.
ohhhh! The sisters did not let him finish – seeing that he was rushing rapidly to “condition” – they, clasping his bowed member with the subtlety of snow-white fingers – began to rhythmically dry him! Dryuchit, already amazingly awakening in it a real volcano of fierce desire! And, he, still surrendering to their fingers, finally sprinkled.
a stormy sperm fountain! Sperm, the first jet of which, having soared beautifully into the air, slammed the relish.
him in the face! The second, whitish blot squished against the chest! And, the rest kind of dew about a round tummy! – Hee hee hee hee! – having seen this, right there, in a kind of way, the mermaid-twins burst out laughing, for the first time, embarrassedly covering their vulgar lips with their palms.
He, stunned by such a spectacular discharge, stared at them uncomprehendingly for a minute with a jerking member and then.
brightly inflamed paint shame, looked away to the side! “Oh Gods! – only Vasilis thought, already clearly feeling on himself the fresh “traces” of his own seed.
– I ended up on myself! Yes, even before.
by them! Although, really, there.
how it happened so happened.
“And, once again looking at all the lake maidens who were shaking in the laughter, he shouted terribly:“ Why are you giggling ?! Naked public webcam.

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