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Mature camera sex.
He grabbed my hair and dragged me into my room.
He locked the door behind us.
Came up to me and said: – Take off your pants to panties.
Alex stood and looked at me.
I took off my clothes, then a bra.
He came and pulled me to his ass.
His hands began to pull my panties down.
– I like so much how you tremble, feel my dick? He will soon be in you.
And now undress me.
I began to take off his shirt, the buttons did not give way, as my hands were shaking.
-Live, I finally took off his shirt, then his pants.
He stepped over them, took off his socks.
I froze.
He took off his boxers.
I looked away, I was disgusted.
– Lie back and spread your legs.
He began to stroke his erect penis, took out some jar and began to lubricate it.
I lay down on the bed, he sat down next to me and began to insert a finger in my hole, I jerked, and my hands unconsciously began to push him away.
He stood up, took out the handcuffs from the bedside table and turned me over onto the stomach, bound my hands behind my back.
– So, you will not disturb me.
Alex turned me back again and spread my legs.
Then he leaned on me and I felt like his cock began to put pressure on my hole.
He tried to push it into me.
The pain was getting stronger, I tried to move my knees, but he did not let me do it.
– Please, I whispered.
– You can not wait? Now.
He finally entered and leaned forward, sharply and strongly drove his dick, making me a woman.
I screamed, Alex froze for a long time, then stuck it out and walked in again to its full length.
It was very painful, but he kept moving his hips harder and harder.

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After a couple of minutes, he finished right in me.
I didn’t cry anymore, I just sobbed under his movements.
He stopped, walked out of me.
Lay down next.
I lay still.
His penis was in blood and even between my legs I had blood too.
After some time, he spoke: – That’s my girl, or rather not a girl anymore.
He laughed, lay on his side and began to drive his hand over my body.
He grabbed the nipple and began to twist it.
– I’m in the bathroom, when I come to the bed should be covered with new linen, and you washed should sit on the carpet.
I want to work out with you.
He got up, unzipped the handcuffs and opened the door, then Alex went to the bathroom.
The whole body ached, especially between the legs.
I entered Alex’s room and sat uncertainly on the floor, I was wearing panties and a beacon.
He was gone for a long time, I was tired of sitting on the carpet and lay down.
I could not sleep, I thought that maybe we quickly need him, and he will leave me alone.
The door opened and he entered the room.
– What a nice baby.
He came up to me, he was wearing only underwear.
– Lie down on the bed, on the back.
I got up and lay down, as he said.
He took off my panties, spread my legs wide and entered me with a finger.
The pain intensified, I bit my lip so as not to scream.
– You’re still narrow, that’s good.
It is a pity you will stay so long.
He began to fuck me with a finger, then with two fingers.
Alex pulled away, took off his pants and drove a member into me, it was almost as painful as the first time.
– no, it hurts a lot.
Need to wait, please.
– Baby, I’m not going to wait.
What for? This is all the buzz in the resistance of your body.
He began to move in me, but then he came out and turned me over, putting me in a pose as a “dog.”
He pressed the lower back, I caved.
He entered again, the pain was severe, but Alex took me by the waist and began to have me at a frantic pace.
I didn’t get any pleasure and thought only about when it would all end.
Alex finished and lay down next.
– I bought you pills, so that you would not fly, do not forget to drink them.
I do not want kids yet, but not with condoms.

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-You know, you’re my 4th virgin, but everyone was so different, somehow I will tell you about them.
And now we will watch a movie.
He reached for the TV remote and turned it on. Mature camera sex.

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