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By nature, she was inveterate masochistic and perceived with delight all the torture and humiliation to which she subjected her.
In the meantime, Ira decided to have dinner, she sat down at the table, ordering Ninke: Get on your knees, and while I eat, kiss my legs.
The two slaves served the Mrs. dinner, they changed the dishes, served and laid them down, as required by the Hostess, almost fed her with a spoon.
Satisfying her appetite, Irina ordered to put on a latex jumpsuit of violet light.
Taking slaves with her, she went down to the basement.
Ninka she pulled over, taking her hair.
Having let go of the slave’s hair, having kicked her hard, Ira went to the cross, on which the slave was crucified.
You do not want how to serve your mistress? Forgive me, I tried as best I could, you know that my life is only in service to you.
I’m just dust under your feet, I’m sorry to upset you.
Shut your slurry and get ready to receive a well-deserved punishment,

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you know that you cannot pity me with your whining.
The lady took the ring that had been passed through the nipple of the breast and began to pull it with her long, manicured nails, saying thoughtfully: I wonder what will happen if I pull out the ring with the nipple? The slave’s eyes widened in horror, and the Mistress pulled harder and continued to reason, not paying, listening to the slave, as if talking to herself: Ah, there will be something that the nipple comes off, there is no place to insert the ring.
No, of course, it will be possible to insert it into the breast, without a nipple.

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But it will turn out ugly, proportions will disappear, it is necessary to pull out the second nipple from the second breast.
The slave woman was trembling with fear, she was beaten by a strong chill because she knew that the Mistress would be able to carry out all her threats.
Do not worry, I will not pull the nipples from your chest.
for now, and then we’ll see.
She picked up two loads and hung them on the rings in her breasts and moved them with her hand.
A grimace of pain appeared on the slave’s face.
Now hang the cargo to your mande and clitoris.
Despite the fact that rings were inserted into the labia of the slave, Ira hung the weights on metal alligators.
She did it specifically to cause Svetka great pain.
Spreading around the labia, feeling the clitoris with her fingers, she began to squeeze it strongly, so that blood came out on it.
A small ring was also threaded into the clitoris, into which the Mistress inserted a hook with a load.
After these preparations, she took a whip from hard skin and began to lash the body of a slave.
She tried to get on the goods to cause slaves more torment.
After inflicting about seventy blows, she ordered another slave to remove Svetka from the cross, stretch her on the floor and cook colorful candles.
While preparations for further punishment were going on, Ira approached Ninke, a slave who stood on the side of Katina’s lap.
Without warning, she struck her fifty blows.
What do you think, I deservedly punished you.
Yes Milady.
Then the slave thanked the Lady and asked to kiss the hostess’s boots as a sign of gratitude.
Ira gladly allowed her to do it.
The slave who prepared Svetka for further punishment turned to the Lady: Mrs., your order is executed, Svetka is ready for further punishment.
Slowly, Irina approached the body of the slave slave, sat down next to her, saying to the slave: Come on candles.
Valka filed lighted candles, and the Lady began to pour the body of the slave with melted wax until she poured it in full.
Finally, I have prepared another punishment for you.
Until the morning you sit on the chair.
Through the gag in the mouth were heard strong mooing.
I do not care, mychi is not mychi, I’m not used to canceling my orders, if you die, then this is your fate, and I’ll get a new slave for you, who want to be more than enough. Livejasmin hot show.

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