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Days flowed into weeks, weeks into months.
It seems another winter has passed.
Or two? I did not remember.
Everything merged into a continuous series of cold washings in the mornings, the smell of buckwheat porridge, the buzzing of a hair clipper, the taste of sperm in the mouth, pushes of an insatiable member behind, cramped cells at night.
The only joy was the skinhead animal in the collar, who was motionless for hours lying next to me on the mattress and with a glazed gaze a sucking finger.
I have long used it without hiding, while the man walked around the room or watched TV.
Sometimes he looked at us with a grin, but I had already developed the habit of not noticing it.
I leaned on my animal from behind, clutching at my collar and quickly, like a dog, I got my own, with pleasure raping a motionless, limp body.

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I do not know how many times they used it daily.
Ten times? Twenty? Forty? Nobody was concerned.
I did not even remember when I no longer hold my hands.
Only vaguely I felt some extra convenience.
After some time after that, I learned to use the mouth of my animal – it sucked my dick just as it sucked my finger, without changing the expression of the frozen look.
And after some time I licked my ass in the same way – after I had emptied my intestines into our common pelvis.
Or after my butt – less and less – the owner used.
I didn’t even realize the presence of my master, just as I do not realize the air around me.
He fed and watered me, stripped and washed me, carried the impurity behind me.
In exchange for this, I only needed to be obedient and not to object to him in any way, carefully following all the orders and trying to please him with my body.

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I have long known exactly how to suck his dick, so that he received the greatest pleasure.
It has long been able to podmahivat him at the time when he fucked me.
And even felt vague displeasure, when he increasingly preferred me to my animal.
But once the animal refused to get up from the mattress.
Unaccustomed to such a host was going to flog it, and already reached out to the chain, but in time he understood what was the matter.
The animal breathed often and hard, his cheeks were burning, his whole body was shaking with a shiver.
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