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By the way, none of you girls want Sasha to work on now? – Make go for small and large? – specified Masha, – And you will teach how? – Of course I will teach, – Lena smiled.
Masha got up from the sofa and went to the changing table.
I hurt my lips offended, casting a glance at Lena.
“I wanted to, too,” said Ksyusha, standing next to Masha.
– You’ll take over the next procedure, – said Lena.
Following Ksyusha, Sveta came to the table.
Noticing how the girls around the table were staring between my legs, I blushed deeply.
– Lie on your back, – Lena ordered, pushing me in the chest, – And now turn around.
Like this.
– Look, fit on this table, – Sveta grinned.
– Zadra legs? – Masha looked questioningly at Lena. – And how can I get them? – There are two ways to keep the baby’s legs, – Lena began to explain to the 12-year-old girl, – crossing her ankles – I doubt that you can hold them around your seven-year-old with one palm – and under your knees. Live sex chat line.

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