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The woman raised her legs to the armrests and stroked her head with one hand, and caressed her breasts with the other, trying to reach the nipple with her tongue.
The daughter has already completely plunged her face into the crotch of the woman, and she, opening her mouth and closing her eyes, fully trusted her actions.
Without opening her eyes, she beckoned me with her finger, and I, as if spellbound, walked over to the chair.
For a moment, opening her eyes, Tanya pulled my head to her and dug a greedy kiss at me.
So I did not know how to kiss.
Her tongue tickled my lips and penetrated my mouth and it began to turn me on.
Tearing away from the lips, she took my hands and put them on her breasts, and I caressed the little hemispheres as in a dream, and she kissed me again, asked me to suck her nipple and I obeyed without question.
Her hand confidently penetrated under my dressing gown and in the absence of panties on me, I immediately found the way to my pussy, and I involuntarily spread my legs.
She stroked my thighs and crotch, not trying to get inside.
With her lips and

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tongue caressing her ear, she whispered sweet words and suddenly pushed me and pressed her daughter’s head to her crotch with both hands, bent and squealed like a little girl, then jerked and, limping, pushed her daughter’s head away from her.
A few minutes later, without saying a word, they put me on the bed and Tatiana spread my legs, bowed her head and started kissing my hips, and Lucy brought her hot face smelling like an alien woman to mine and kissed me on the lips.
I don’t remember those sensations anymore, but the touch of my lips to my pussy shocked my whole body.
Experienced female lips on the clitoris and the tender hands of a friend on my body brought me to my first orgasm, obtained with the help of another person, especially a woman.

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Finishing, I bit Lucy by the lip, holding back my feelings.
Having washed before bedtime, without dressing, we drank another hundred grams and went to bed on the bed that was dropped on the floor.
Before falling asleep, Tatiana tried to reassure me that I should not be so ashamed of my desires and that, at my age, it was natural for what I did in the shower room, and they would erase the recording tomorrow and actually succeeded.
And only now, when so many years have passed, telling the same age of my son everything that I tried to forget all my life, but I did not succeed, and I, remembering this, flowed out and realized how wrong I am and selfish in relation to the call of nature my son, and at that moment, I was ready to correct my delusions.
But I kept my passions and continued my memories.
According to Tatyana, mothers themselves should teach their daughters.
Although, when it happened in their lives, she also strongly doubted the correctness of her actions, but the fact that it gave them great pleasure deprived her of any doubts about the immorality of their actions.
In her story, Tatiana also recalled that in her youth and youth there was no such thing as sex, and when she got married, she was in a trance for the first months of her life.
Lucy’s father was a sophisticated lover, and in the short term of their life together he taught Tatiana not only oral sex, but also anal sex, although the latter option did not have time to settle down in their short family relationship.
When he found out about her pregnancy, he went to work in the North and didn’t appear in their lives anymore.
The girl was born painful and grew moody on this basis.
They lived in the house of the hostess, who did not take money from them, but cooking, cleaning and laundry were on Tatiana’s shoulders.
Two years later, the hostess married the ensign and went to another city, and Tatiana arranged for her job as a cashier at the club.
She also did not sell the house, leaving Tanya on the farm.
At five or six years old, the girl chilled the bladder, this is a hereditary disease, and she wrote very often and painfully.
I put her hot water bottle and, hugging her, kissed.
So we fell asleep.
Once when she had strong cuts, I pressed my lips to her puss and she fell silent.
I kissed her until she fell asleep.
Since that time, I treated all her illnesses with kisses, and she often speculated with this, pretending that she had a pain in writing or hushing. Live chat cam sex.

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