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I ran after her, but did not have time to catch up with her: she disappeared.
Dived into the car or the bus.
To say that I was worried about her is to say nothing.
I did not know what she could do; I did not know whether the psychotropic drug began to act on it.
I was afraid that she would lay hands on herself.
I ran to her house, spitting on everything – but she was not at home.
It is good that Gregory was not there either.
I wandered around the city, went into that same square.
Finally, realizing that I had better be home and wait for her, I went home.
And in half an hour – the doorbell rings! I jumped, opened – and could not resist a scream.
It was Nastya, but – God, in what form! I did not immediately recognize her.
She was very drunk – I was afraid that the drug was acting on her, but then I heard the smell of brandy – and most importantly, she was bald! She shaved her head well! Her beautiful blond strands, fluffy, silk, was no more.
Instead, a pink bald skull.
She smiled sarcastically, looking at me. Latina sex cam.

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