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“Go away guys! What do you want here?” She asked displeased.
“Come to see what you are doing here, why you are sitting for so long,” answered Vasya.
“And this is not your business, as I want, I sit so much,” the girl cut off and licked the chapped lips, which she had bitten her teeth for, had been sitting for more than a quarter of an hour and vainly squeezing the kaku, which still did not want to get out of her priests the second day in a row.
“No, it’s our business, because we are older than you and should look after your health, isn’t it so, Vanya?”, Vasya objected and looked at me, I nodded my head in agreement.
“You have constipation, haven’t you?” Vasya continued to pry.

“Even so, it’s not your problem, I can handle it myself,” Christina snapped off and suddenly burst into tears.
“You can’t do it, as you can see, you are crying like a little now,” my cousin grinned.
“It’s you, bastards, who brought me to this with their arrogant curiosity,” the girl replied sobbing, but Vasya again objected: “No, this constipation is already beginning to affect your psyche, but nothing, we will quickly cure you of this disease.”
He climbed to the dais, grabbed Christina by her left hand and shouted to me: “Vanya, you take the right, lead her to her grandmother to do an enema!”.

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I immediately followed his order, and we, like two policemen leading the criminal, dragged the girl to the house.
Not expecting such a reaction from our side, Christina first, without even resisting, dutifully went with us, but then began to object: “Wait a minute, guys, let me wear at least my panties!”.
“It makes no sense to put on”, Vasya snapped, “you will have to shoot anyway immediately.”
We brought Christina to the house, I opened the klyamka on the doors, and we brought our cousin inside.
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