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Jeffrey campbell transparent shoes.
It is stupid to argue with fate, stupid – and with nature.
How to save the human soul from suffering? This area is poorly understood.
It is necessary to realize that bisexuality is not sexual promiscuity, not a mental illness that needs to be treated.
As early as the 20th century, this problem was removed from the list of diseases at the World Congress of Physicians.
This is understandable.
How can you treat that treatment can not be, namely the sexual preferences of a person !!! After all, bisexualism is not a latent perversion, but a special microbiology of the human soul that can appreciate and give love to people of its own and the opposite sex.
This is charisma, this is a natural and natural gift.
A special and symbolic gift.
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I visited the Turkish bath for the first time in my life when I was 20 years old.
It was in Turkey, in the city of Alanya, the resort village Avsollar.
I went there for my summer holidays.
What I experienced, having been in a Turkish bath, I probably will not forget until the end of life.
If there is a paradise, then I have already been in it.
(even on the way to the hotel, the guide advised me to first go to the bathhouse in order to cleanse off the dirt, dead skin cells, so that the tan would lie flat and smooth).
When we arrived at the place and went into the room of the bath itself, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere that prevailed there.

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The room itself was not so large, but it contained: 1.
dressing room 2.
massage cabins 3.
toilet 4.
Finnish sauna 5.
Jacuzzi 6.
small pool (depth somewhere about 1.5 meters) 7.
steam room (similar to the Russian bath, only without brooms) 8.
a lounge (there one could sit quietly, drink tea, watch TV, that is, relax after all the procedures) 9.
He took me to the locker room, where I changed clothes (I was left alone with swimming trunks), I was wrapped in towels and taken to the sauna room.
When I went inside, I felt a very high fever

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, I felt better than ever, I relaxed and lay down on the upper lounger.
It was so good that I was even overwhelmed and I was almost cut off.
I came to myself from the fact that I felt a fresh stream of air from the opened door.
Two charming girls of 13-14 years old entered the sauna.
They were wrapped in towels.
When they took them off, I saw that they were completely naked.
Their bodies that were not yet fully formed, aroused me greatly.
Their small nipples, bare cunt – it all drove me crazy.
My penis began to gradually increase in size, and after a minute was standing upright under the swimming trunks.
I was a little embarrassed and threw a towel over my thighs so that my dangling member could not be seen.
I wondered if I could open the circle “skillful hands” right here? But he concluded that it is still too early.
Meanwhile, the girls began to massage each other.
One of them lay on the lower shelf belly down, and the second perched behind her, sat her crotch on the ass and began to run her hands on her back, making massage movements, and with it she began to rhythmically move on her anus, making forward movements with her pussy.
I saw how she gradually began to get wet, and the girls began to make sounds like moans.
-Oh yes, Olenka, deeper, otmyyy my ass – I listened to quiet moans – Now I will finish – answered another Sauna room began to fill the groans of two fucking girls. Jeffrey campbell transparent shoes.

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