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Both the maidservants, Helga and Miriam, were dressed in about the same way as Kelly, as well as the hefty Negro Juan, who had already begun to serve cold snacks.
The girl knew that while her services are not needed.
According to the schedule, she was supposed to collect dirty dishes, change glasses and napkins.
At the very beginning of dinner, this was not required, dishes could be carried only by Juan, so the maids froze as if statues behind their masters.
However, gradually they had to get involved in the work.
Kelly changed glasses, being between Marvin and Agnes, when she suddenly felt a confident hand on her thigh on the inside and began to stroke it.
The girl froze for a moment, but no one has removed her duties from the table to remove the dirty glasses.
Not feeling her feet, Kelly continued her work, looking at Marvin with a sidelong look.
He raised his eyebrow slightly and unceremoniously held his hand higher.
Soon he was squeezing elastic buttocks under the skirt, enjoying their smoothness and silkiness.
Kelly hastily gathered glasses and bounced off the table, catching a few surprised looks at himself, and Marvin began, as if nothing

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had happened, to rant about abstract topics.
The next time Kelly tried not to get close to Marvin, or at least not to linger near him for very long, so that he would not have time to get under her skirt.

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There was another problem.
From constant movements, the girl’s magnificent chest began to slowly slip out of the close captivity of the bodice cups.
Kelly did not dare to look down, but she felt that her nipples were already very conditionally covered with snow-white laces edging the bodice.
This was indicated by interested views, occasionally thrown by the head of the family, John, and opposite Paolo to her bust.
Under these looks, the treacherous nipples tightened, and now rubbed against the lace, causing the girl sweet flour.
Being deeply delirious.
Kelly made the mistake of being close to Marvin.
Her buttocks were again attacked indecently.
The girl barely waited until the end of dinner and rushed into her room to fix the bodice.
In addition, she had to change her panties, wet through.
As soon as Kelly had time to wash up and put on fresh panties that were no different from the old ones, a pager vibrated on her belt.
“Terrace number 2” read the girl and rushed out of the room.
Passing through the glass doors that opened in front of her, Kelly saw Marvin talking to her mother.
They settled in comfortable chairs and looked toward the ocean.
Patricia, who seemed to be thanks to the best cosmetologists of the galaxy almost younger than her daughter, said when Kelly appeared in front of her: – Dear, unravel this stupid necklace, otherwise it will strangle me.
With horror, Kelly realized that she would have to stoop, and Marvin would again do her indecent things.
So it happened.
Marvin, barely Kelly got a little side and back from Patricia and was within reach, immediately began to caress her hips, rising higher.
Soon his hand passed the lace of the stocking gum and got to the bare skin, and then completely moved on the ass, assessing the elasticity of one or the other buttocks. Jasmine live girls.

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