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So we immediately got used to it and stopped noticing on the second day.
Seeing me, he was embarrassed a lot, nodded his head – having greeted and ran away with his cart.
The stunned wife sat looking at the magazine, but I did not attach any importance to this, picked up cigarettes, grabbed a cold mineral water and ran off to the beach to inspect my Cousteau.
Only in the evening she told me that prior to my arrival, Mahmed was cleaning the room, exchanging words with my wife, in bad Russian about any nonsense, and when he finished cleaning the room, he went to

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the veranda.
Yulia was flipping through some fashion magazine, but since modern magazines do not pull on popular non-naked bodies, he dazzled women’s bodies in various poses.
A little twisting Makhmed in arrogant clung to the magazine, looking over his wife’s shoulder, excitedly shouting in his dialect, pointing his fingers at different pictures.
After a while, finally getting excited, he started rubbing through his trousers with his rebellious member against the bare shoulders of Yulka.
It looked unobtrusively, like a man leans over the picture of interest, asks something, but according to my wife, if I had not returned at that time, our Muhammad would have finished with such manipulations.

Because each time the pressure was more assertive and stronger.
When Julia shared this episode with me, her eyes were filled with righteous indignation, but the devils were running around, loudly stomping.

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– So, I ripped off you, madam, an exotic fuck, – I joked.
“Fool,” she muttered innocently and pouted.
– Why? You will throw me alone, without supervision, take it and sleep.
This Bedouin sees a woman, probably, once a year, and not everybody – his wife playfully remarked.
“In this situation, he looks at the whole room from the sight of your naked chest,” I snapped back.
“Mmm, even if it’s finished right away, it’s not at all necessary that for the last time,” as if reasoning, Julia coobed dreamily.
“Well, don’t get lost, I’m leaving now, but leave me a little, otherwise the local princesses are not as loose as you are,” I threw over my shoulder, running to the beach.
Having bathed in the sea, and having a little sunbathing, I sat down under the umbrella of the bar, sipping cold beer and enjoying the view of the sea and mermaids sunbathing without bathing suits from Germany.
Their figures were excellent, tall, athletic build.
Here are just their volitional faces, with sharp features repelled.
So quietly, I picked up the order, and my thoughts flew into the frightening heights of sexual fantasies: – not so zapadlo and offer his wife to have sex with another man.
I do not enclose it, under any fat arrogant chief for its location or some old men for debts.
And for 50 bucks I will order the boy’s wife, quite a nice one.
Moreover, it was not for nothing that these little devils ran.
So let it be with me, and under my, one can say control, than behind my back.
In addition, it will be perceived as my gift, for which I, quite legally, can demand a response.
And the reciprocal gift had quite tangible features.
Julia has a couple of very nice divorced girlfriends whom she introduced to my best friend, also divorced.
They gave both there and not there.
Katerina was not against sex with two men at once.
Just behind the back of the wife, with her girlfriend, is the same as telling her mother-in-law about her daughter’s shortcomings.
At the first quarrel, everything will emerge, and at the most inopportune moment.
There were a couple of parties where the girls showed a striptease. Hindi online sex chat.

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