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In general, my self-confident wife very quickly turned into a limp rag under the influence of light amazing touches, Elena also resembled an experienced harpist, for whom there were no secrets in handling the instrument.
So she took it easy to turn Anka from side to side, apparently arranging an extra show for me.
Anka obeyed unquestioningly.
At the same time, the smaller Elena was also involved in this movement, an unusual pair dance was obtained.
Elena mastered the situation completely, in no hurry, seems to have entered into the taste of full power.
With her left hand, she held Anka under the breast, the right one slid vertically down, passed the navel and rushed further.
I must say, Ankina beauty had another piquant element – the hair on her pubic hair represented a perfectly dense rug with a top edge, as if cut along a ruler.
Now I had the opportunity to admire him again.
Elena groped this edge, with some interest ran her thumb over it and even looked out from the side from behind her, squinting at Ankin pubis – really a phenomenon.
Minutes went by.
The big finger and walked along this hairline, and the index and middle – they were already between Anky.
And now – Anka, who has always been concerned about how aesthetically pleasing she looks from the side, barely stands, swaying on funny raskryachyonnyh legs.
Fingers of the sweet

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tormentor slowly and slowly push the Ankin lips of the labia.
Elena once again looked at me, sending the thought: “You understand, I am a single woman, I have worked all these subtleties on myself – no magic.”
Everything! The middle finger is already inside, the tenderness is over – there is a fierce fuck.

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Fuck my wife two meters from me.
It is evident that Elena is hard to keep the body more and more limping Ankino.
She had to lean back against the wall and actually lay Anka on herself.
Intimate Ankina circumstances were in full view.
The game of the hand in her crotch sped up, Anka bit her lip, with both hands clutched at Lenkin’s skirt behind her on the sides.
Helena did not like this, and taking Anka by her right hand, pressed her to Ankin’s clitoris and, giving the necessary reciprocating motion, released her, Anka began to masturbate obediently, although she never did it in normal life.
Further more.
Elena used her free hand in an unusual way.
Passing her on the chin of my wife, she easily opened her mouth, as when examining a horse.
I think she would gladly have looked there – but, being behind her back, you would not look into her mouth.
Both fingers, which have just been extracted, you know where they are from, disappeared from Anka’s mouth.
Anka began to suck them obediently.
Now Elena was still, leaving me to observe Anka in all the glory of self-service.
Anka sucked on Lenka’s fingers and masturbated, her arousal was already beyond the limits.
In general, Elena the Wise did everything correctly – at the final stage of the process, a person can optimally arouse himself.
Elena pulled her fingers and pulled out Ankin pink tongue, gently played with him.
It was too much.
The picture, I will tell you directly – is humiliating.
Anka used to tell me that a woman’s mouth is a much more intimate place than the vagina, and that a man who runs a hand into a woman’s mouth receives absolute power over her.
But I can swear that I did not retell these revelations to anyone, much less to Elena.
How did she guess? For a moment, the thought flashed that the girls behind my back had agreed on a more sophisticated scenario, and all I see is a performance.
However, this is unlikely.
I cannot answer this question definitively to this day.
Meanwhile, the action was coming to an end.
Elena let go of her victim’s tongue, folded her palm and squeezed her mouth.
With her other hand, she squeezed her nose, thereby setting up a weak hypoxia for my wife.
This combined with masturbation immediately caused Anka an orgasm, the like of which she had never experienced. Hidden cam japanese lesbian.

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