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But Mom came into the room.
– Fuuuh, it’s good that, just the “search engine” opened, otherwise everything would be cranky, Andrei thought.
– Andrew, what are you looking at? – Yes, so, I want to watch the movie alone.
– Well, look, and by the way, how about the idea to go on a weekend trip to the country? – To the cottage? Let’s go, answered Andrei.
– Well, well, then you do not sit at the computer for a long time, we will have to go to the bus station tomorrow then early in the morning.
– Okay.
Anna left the room to collect things to the country.
And Andrew was sitting in the room and was thinking about the upcoming trip.
He thought for a long time how to push the talk, how to get a topic close to sex.
But normal ideas never occurred.
It seemed to him that Anna herself wanted sex from Andrei, but at the same time he thought it was absurd.

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It was time to sleep, Andrew turned off the computer, and lay down on the bed.
But for a long time he could not fall asleep, thoughts were spinning in his head, that they would do these 3 days in the country.
For half an hour Andrew was lying on the bed and looked at the ceiling, thinking about the trip.
And then he heard her mother’s footsteps in the corridor, so he quickly turned away from the wall, and pretended to be asleep, in case mom came into the room.
And so it happened, Anna went into the room, sat on the bed, and patted Andrew on the head.
– It is already an adult guy.
Turned off the lamp and went out.
Andrei opened his eyes and looked around; there was no one in the room.
Soon, behind the wall began to get the fussing and moaning of Anna.
Andrei immediately got up, he understood what his mother was doing.

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He quickly pulled down his underpants, and under Anna’s moans began to jerk off, imagining that he was having sex with her.
(Especially for -) He was very interested in what Anna was doing, and with these thoughts he quietly went out into the corridor, from where he could look at the mirror in Anna’s room, in which she reflected, and this reflection could be seen through the slot in the door.
Andrei saw the following picture.
Anna was completely naked, sitting on her knees, spreading her legs, and masturbating her vagina with her hand.
Andrew was stunned, and without even noticing it, he began to jerk off right in the corridor.
Hidden cam in car sex.

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