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Moans and can not wake up.
Heh, Dad rightly said: “Learn chemistry, come in handy in life.”
Come in handy.
It will be necessary to thank him tomorrow with some gift.
Probably, I’ll pour Viagra into tea after all.
Let him enjoy life.
When I finished Rosa on my stomach, I, rather covertly under a blanket, slid to the floor and came

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to my senses for a long time, looking through the open window at the full moon and sticking a rope.
I told you, I love climbing roofs.
Maybe you will try?
Mom always called Zoyka beautiful.
But Zoya herself did not consider herself as such.
Probably because it was not spoiled by the attention of the boys.
Yes, Zoya was different from her peers.
She did not like noisy companies and did not go out in the evening to hang out in the square behind the cinema.
She did not smoke and did not use cosmetics.
And she dressed more than modestly – her mother bought all her things in the Chinese market.
She hated her girlfriends – they always ached and complained to her about their misfortunes, and she had all the problems above the roof.
She really lacked a good friend who could fall in love without unconsciousness.

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She dreamed of a high brunette, and that everything was very beautiful, as in the Mexican TV series.
In the tenth grade at the end of the school year, Vitka began to look at her, who was sitting in the left lane on the last desk.
She felt his gaze on herself and tried to turn to her neighbor behind her, to ask her for a pencil or eraser, and inadvertently look at Vitka.
Vitka gazed at her for two whole weeks, and then, once, went to accompany her.
He silently grabbed a briefcase from her and carried it all the way to the entrance.
All the way they did not say a word.
Vitka was not a brunette, but red, but it did not matter.
Most importantly, she felt a pleasant excitement, feeling it next to her.
And at the entrance, returning the briefcase, Vitka said: You are beautiful, Zoi.
and you give me ?.
Zoya felt that her heart was pounding.
What will he ask for? Kiss? Or climb under the dress ?.
tomorrow math write off on the control? – finished Vitka.
Fool! – Zoya took her bag and hit them Vitka on the head.
Before graduation, Vitka kept aloof from her.
And after graduation, when they were walking in the city park until dawn, just before dawn, Vitka dragged her into some bushes, knocked her to the ground, pulled up her dress, lowered her pants and deflated.
Sensing a sharp pain, Zoya bit her lip in the blood and prepared to wait for pleasure.
But Vitka quickly finished, got off her, fastened his pants and left, without even kissing or saying a word.
And with her there was only pain stained in the ground, blood and semen dress and a bitter feeling of insult.
School years are a thing of the past, so she is a student. Hd teen sex video online.

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