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Not a drop she did not say.
Then Marie licked the remnants of sperm from my dick.
And went to bed, fell asleep.
It’s time to stop Lari.
Tara felt it.
She quickly got up from him.
Then in his mouth plunged his dick.
At that moment ejaculation happened.
Tara began to greedily swallow cum Lari.
This she managed to do without interference.
Then Tara licked off from his cock the remnants of sperm.
Tar came to me after that.
I was waiting for her at the door.
Larry lay down on the bed and hugged Marie, he soon fell asleep.
We left the cabin.
Following heard the words: – Thank you, Tara! – said Lari.
– Thanks, Alex! – said Marie Pheonix.
This we heard, but did not respond.
Going to the stern, we were silent.
Already sitting on the sofa, I asked Tara: – Tara, what was it? – Easy swing.
This is when couples change partners without reverse exchange during sex.
Clear? – Yes.
And I liked Marie.
Beautiful girl.
You are beautiful too.
I had a dream last night that we were playing a wedding with you.
What is it for? – Luckily.
Anything can happen.
I would love to be your wife.
Would you take me as a wife? – Took it.
Be my wife! Sorry, but you will not find rings and flowers in the sea! – I agree.
Without flowers and rings.
I like you for a long time.
More from the meeting at the airport.
“And I have liked you since.”
By the way, where do we sign? – In Genoa or in Livorno.
Choose? – Better in Genoa.
The ancient city of Italy.
You agree? – Yes.
We after these words began to kiss.
Our kiss was long.
We decided not to engage in sex.
Soon we fell asleep. Goalexgo record private show sex video.

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